Silverside- Motions

silverside motions

Silverside is about to release their album titled “Motions” after having worked on it for the first quarter of 2013 and it’s quite the accomplishment. Silverside’s core sound has influences such as Broadway, Chiodos, Silverstein, August Burns Red, among others. It’s the kind of music that is instantly relatable due to the many levels of love, loss, anger, and passion found in their contextual vices. Straight out of Chicago, IL, where blues, jazz, and hip hop emerge as some of the biggest music scenes in the city, Silverside is beginning to make a name for themselves, bringing rock out from under the bushels and into the ears of the many “metal-heads” still ready for something new and inspiring.

The interesting thing about Silverside is that they seem hardcore and dark, but they actually sound more punk-rock and pop than you would expect from first glance. After listening to their tracks, “Long Road Down”, (Silverside’s most downloaded song on iTunes), really caught my attention. It seemed to pave the way to what most of the other tracks would hold, which isn’t always a bad thing. I wouldn’t go as far as to say Silverside experimented a lot outside of the norm; their song titles and melodic lyrics gave away exactly what the song was about with little mystery, but they are an excellent choice for an iTunes download and very easy on the ears.

The amazing thing about music, especially in today’s modern music, is the way others interpret different genres. Some people think of “metal” as scary, loud drums and heavy guitar solos with shrieking and violent mosh-pits, but in reality, it’s so much more. The music has feeling, empathy. The way the words are sung can some times be deceiving, but to actually acquire what these bands are sharing is something worthwhile. Listen to the drums for a second… Rock and metal use the distinguisable feature of double-bass drums, which sets them apart from other genres because they  make it so apparent in every song. Silverside may not stand out right away in a world full of rock bands waiting to get their turn, but their genuine desire to create heartfelt music is hard to go unnoticed.


Official Track list from “Motions”

1. Long Road Down

2. My Sorry Heart

3. Deniable

4. Find Your Own Way Home

5. Someday

6. Disposable Love

7. This Monster

8. My Own Worst Enemy

9. Beggar’s Game

10. My Digital Drug

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