Entropia vesper

“Blackgaze” has been trending amongst so-called “hipsters” for several years.  Blackgaze was a predictable direction for black metal to take, especially with depressive black metal being on the forefront of the scene.  With it’s sensitivity and Elysian emotionalism, blackgaze is a genre for the more subdued musical enthusiast, who is perhaps looking to escape the monotony of Pixies-like post punk or The Melvins.  However, metal heads have been on the fence about this genre from the beginning, because one, it seems that many bands are simply pumping out the same boring “ethereal” crap, and two, you can only inject so much sensitivity into metal before it ceases to be the angry, testosterone-fueled, driving force, metal heads have grown to love.

However, Poland’s newest blackgaze outfit, Entropia, are pushing the limits of this obscure genre with their latest release, Vesper.  The album quickly sucks its listeners into a whirling vortex of blackness and sorrow, interlacing it with the sort of crippling despair that can only be brought on by numerous bouts of suicidal idealization.  Metal heads will find this release captivating, with its brooding sentiment and paralyzing blast beats.  The vocals are an impressive execution of “blackened” shrieks, delivered with the ardency and breathlessness of a fallen soul.  The album is a throwback to Dodferd’s 2009 release, “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow”, is anthem-ic, depressive and sorrow-filled, but with the kind of dreaminess and haunting atmosphere, only captured in the essence of “shoegaze”.

Vesper is a refreshing shift from the hypersensitivity and repetitiveness that has been corrupting the post/black scene lately.  Tracks like “Tesla”, epitomize the aggression of early black metal.  Tesla is clearly the stand out track on the album, with its shifts from blast beat injected black metal to experimental filler and atmospheric repetition.  Any repetition on this release is appropriate and only helps the listener delve further into Entropia’s musical abyss.  My only complaint would have to be that some of the more experimental parts sound a bit mundane and common, but in hindsight it’s a minor discrepancy.

Although band has been classified as “sludgy”, I hear little to no sludge elements on their latest release.  Entropia is the embodiment of depressive metal and “shoegazers” and “black metallers” alike should definitely take note of this release.  Entropia could quickly become the next Lifelover. Vesper is an hour long journey through the murky paths of self discovery and negative reflection.  Take a melancholy ride through an abysmal microcosm, beautifully painted  by Entropia.  Vespar is most definitely worth several listens.


1.Dante 04:37
2.Gauss 07:24
3.Pascal 10:22
4.Vesper 08:11
5.Tesla 09:26
6.Marat 09:05

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1 Comment on Entropia-Vesper

  1. I loved this enough I started a Kickstarter to put this bad boy on vinyl. Pre-order the 2xLP via Kickstarter


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