Amon Amarth – Deceiver Of The Gods

amon amarth deceiver of the godss

Undisputed, Amon Amarth.

If there has been anything worth mentioning about Amon Amarth, it’s the fact they are true to their own sound. Sure, it’s not the freshest metal out there, but Amon Amarth weren’t about to be an innovative force anyway. It’s important to mention just how consistent this act is, not only to inform readers of just how polished this rather veteran act is, but to also highlight that ‘consistent’ is not another word for ‘repetitive’, Amon Amarth are far from losing their well-earned appeal. This is the ninth studio release from the Swedish death metal, axe wielding, norse/fantasy inspired group and if anything the “veteran” tag shines throughout their 2013 release, ‘Deceiver Of The Gods’. Produced by Andy Sneap (Opeth and Accept to name a couple ) ‘Deceiver Of The Gods builds off this clear production and smooth transitions, giving each track, each story the best ability to pass the message along. Even Johan Hegg has found himself in a comfortable vocal position and his growls are arguably the best of his career thus far, at times the flat growls do become slightly stale, but for the most part it simply does not affect the album’s overall sound as it sits firmly in the band’s musical style.

‘Deceiver Of The Gods’ is almost forty-eight minutes of articulated, in your face but accessible death metal. Amon Amarth have unleashed a ten track onslaught which spares no mercy, but isn’t as forced as the acts peers. Instead, Amon Amarth has more-or-less come full circle with their ninth studio release. Galloping riffs (worthy of an Iron Maiden reference), Scandinavian themes and solid song-writing are prominent throughout the records entire length. This is this Amon Amarth demonstrating the best of their careers, never overbearing and without falling short of the band’s hype. The technical ability is there, but it’s not pushed to the edge, displaying anything that simply shouldn’t be found on the record. Throughout the records ten tracks, the dull moments are far and infrequent. It’s not that the album is flawless; rather it’s the band relying on its a-typical sound, which is above the standard of modern acts. Amon Amarth simply do things better.

As the record progresses, a few things become clear. This is Amon A-fucking-marth! Skull stomping riffs followed by inter-playing and weaving lead guitar sections show that this band is an opus unto themselves. There’s no momentum shift as ‘Deceiver of the Gods’ makes the most of this stomp n’ roll affair and despite being set in the same rough tempo, ‘Deceiver of the Gods’ is never the dull listen. Ultimately, if you have heard any of the band’s previous work and know exactly what to expect from this release – then you are not going to be disappointed. Amon Amarth don’t try to do anything out of the ordinary, the band doesn’t have to. Nine full-lengths in and it’s clear that this Swedish metal act has hit their stride, the band has become comfortable, cohesive instead of complacent. But even that straight-forward writing style has its floors, there is nothing legitimately wrong with Amon Amarth’s “by the book style” but the fact that there will be little to almost nothing in terms of ‘new’ here, the album becomes safer with a tendency to drudge along. That’s not to be confused with it being a boring listen, rather the everyday listener knows exactly what to expect.

For long-time fans of the band, ‘Deceiver Of The Gods’ is a logical step for a band that started doing things the right way a while ago. It’s not note for note any of the band’s past albums, neither is this Swedish act showing anything they haven’t yet done before. What Amon Amarth have made certain with their 2013 release is that their music is far from finished, boring or largely surpassed by today’s modern acts. The long-time fans will love it, and the new listeners (that is, if they’re are any left) will fall in love with Amon Amarth’s straight-forward chaotic venture.

1. Deceiver Of The Gods

2. As Loke Falls

3. Father Of The Wolf

4. Shape Shifter

5. Under Siege

6. Blood Eagle

7. We Shall Destroy

8. Hel

9. Coming Of The Tide

10. Warriors Of The North

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