Hobo Magic – Tomorrows Sorrow

hoboHobo Magic’s as yet, unreleased debut is not far away, but there’s a certain thrill that can be found when listening to the band’s teaser singles. Teaser, is a word I’m using, not the band because the music simply leaves you wanting more. On any given night you can find this trio playing the local pub scene of Brisbane, Australia and judging by the audio, this is one group you should keep an ear out for. Citing influences in big names such as rock hall of fame icons, Rush and the pioneering force of Black Sabbath one could only speculate at the sound about to be put forth on to the local rock and metal scene. Fortunately for Hobo Magic, they cumulatively hit the nail on the head with ‘Tomorrows Sorrow’.

The band is as cohesive as a polished veteran act, showing that playing together from the ripe old age of 12, (that’s 12) is really going to allow this band a head start on the scene.  Tomorrows Sorrow shows a slower, melodic and psychedelic infused track, as opposed to the riff-forward songs most bands opt for, sure the band does those too but it’s nice to see just how a young band can “mellow out” so to speak and put together such a wonderful track.

Crooning vocals layered over minimalist drums and well-placed bass grooves show-case older tones making way in a modern setting. The groove found here is unmistakable, and the Black Sabbath influence shines through. If you haven’t found yourself checking out this young talent, do so. Hobo Magic are on the rise and rightly so!

Check out the track below, performed live locally in Brisbane (King’s Beach Tavern):

Find them on Facebook “here” and give them a like!

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