Josh Annand – ‘Imposter’

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On his SoundCloud, Josh Annand describes his music as ‘cruise-y acoustic’ and places himself in the genre ‘beach surf’, or something like that. I would have placed him in the indie rock genre along with Paulo Nutini and James Morrison but I’ll agree, his music is very suited to the beach setting.

With an acoustic guitar in his hands and keyboards at the ready, Josh Annand has found a niche in the chilling market. His lyrics are heartfelt, audible and incredibly easy to identify with. ‘Imposter’, one of his latest, sees us introduced to a fictional character who has found himself living a lie but can’t handle the stress of dishonesty any longer so is coming clean.

Unlike his song ‘This Time Around’, Josh is speaking as an inner voice in this ‘Imposter’. It is not a track speaking to others or detailing facts of a particular act, instead this is a song of a decision he has made. The decision to tell the truth. Whether the imposter chooses to follow through on this is another story, yet he seems quite resolved on the matter.

It is a pleasant song, one you listen to on a warm summers day. It reminds me of something an old-school Jason Mraz might have rustled up, however it can become monotonous. The track is 3:03 minutes in totality but can be enjoyed in less than 2:00. Considering it’s one of those laidback acoustic songs I wasn’t expecting too much from the vocals, but I was hoping for a little more than the repetitive grunting. It also seems that Annand recorded a 30 second guitar bit which he is very proud of and continued to play it over and over and over.

Overall, it isn’t a bad song but it isn’t a good song – it’s okay. The emotion behind the lyrics can be felt, but only once. I enjoyed it, but it’s not memorable and won’t be featuring on my iPod on a regular basis.



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2 Comments on Josh Annand – ‘Imposter’

  1. Hey I was reading your review
    Thanks for taking the time do a write up of my track “imposter” I really appreciate it and would love to hear more with any feedback or tips
    Cheers josh!


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