Crocell- Come Forth Plague


Epic!  Victorious!  Bloodthirsty!  These three words epitomize Danish death metal outfit, Crocell’s latest release, “Come Forth Plague”. It’s simple really.  Crocell is what Amon Amarth could be if they weren’t so homogenized and label friendly to appease the masses.  Come Forth Plague is a battle cry to Nordic skies and a barbaric swansong of victory.  Merciless hooks, catchy riffs, groovy melodies and captivating solos makeup Crocell’s 2013 release.  The production is done quite well yet not so processed it loses it’s grit.  “Kvlt” elitists will approve of the production found on this release.

Despite being a Danish band, Crocell’s sound is very Swedish and is a throwback to bands like Eternal Lies, Dawn or Necrophobic.  What sets Crocell’s sound apart from the lightning speed of the Swedish sound, is the slowed down groove found throughout the album, especially on tracks like “Teachings of Terror, Doctrines of Death”.  This release is incredibly diverse, from the blackened sounds of “My Path of Heresy” to the doom-like groove of “Seven Thrones” and the bestial noise of tracks like “The Dark Will Inhale”.

The drums come in like a marauding army on horseback pillaging innocent townspeople and the guitars are standard tuned, blistering assault on the listener.  The changes and breaks on the album are appropriate and Asbjörn Steffensen’s vocals are a highly impressive combination of mid-toned growls and bloodcurdling shrieks.  Perhaps the most impressive and beguiling element to the album would be the soulfulness found in the guitar solos.  Come Forth Plague is a refreshing listen for the jaded metal-head of yesteryear.  Crocell paints a picture of epic excellence, delivered with the aggression of an angry “Orc”.  They are the embodiment of a frostbitten brutality that had been seemingly lost in the 90’s.

Crocell’s, Come Forth Plague is easily one of the best releases I’ve heard this year.  The album takes listeners on a murderous expedition through The Crusades, providing a narrative along the way.  Come Forth Plague is dirty, mean, aggressive and highly memorable.  Not a single ingredient is excluded here from death metal’s dark recipe.   The album is a masterpiece.  I am left spellbound and truly galvanized.  Brutality remains!  I highly recommend this album.  My excitement speaks for itself.  Come Forth Plague is a ripping execution of unrelenting fervor and virtuosity: the true definition of melodic death metal.


1.Perfidious Ceremony
2.The Dark I Will Inhale
3.Trembling Realms
4.Teachings Of Terror, Doctrines Of Death
5.My Path Of Heresy
6.Seven Thrones
7.Servants Of Light
8.Scars Of Red
9.Come Forth Plague

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