The Lumberjack Feedback – Hand Of Glory

hand of glory

The Lumberjack Feedback’s debut is a peculiar beast, as an EP it’s easy to think that this doom band from France are just teasing with the idea of a quality full-length. The only problem is – if this is but an EP, who out there will be able to handle the gargantuan sound of a full-length from these doomsters? Fact is, The Hand Of Glory’s two tracks are just an indication of the promise this acts is yet to unleash. Sure enough, it holds bar the usual features of any doom record in this low-tuned, slow tempo category but there is a couple of features that anyone unfamiliar with the band simply wouldn’t know. The most obvious is the fact that The Lumberjack Feedback are void of any vocal lines and for some that may just be too hard to swallow, but for others whose interest lies in a more instrumental aspect of music, there is a lot going on here to be lost under.

By now, you may have noticed that I’ve withheld the second point. Rest assured, it’s with good reason that this surprise is brought to light. What sets The Lumberjack Feedback apart from other acts in the genre is the fact that they have not one, but two drummers. You heard right, Hand Of Glory is held together by the expertise of two harmonizing drum sections that weave together a web of groove, tempo adding an interesting layer to this eighteen minute affair. The EP’s two tracks are a display of menacing tidal wave doom. Having two drum-kits is the obvious draw for this act but the band works as a cohesive unit, drawing together this almost unique sound. The guitar passages play an integral role, maintaining the interest and strengthening this instrumental acts groove. Often feedback laced, and low-tuned the string work shown here is yet another layer of crushing mystique layered over the percussive element. It’s clear that The Lumberjack Feedback are trying something a little out of the ordinary, and seemingly enough, it’s working for them. Unfortunately for this monolithic sound, it’s over too soon and the listener is left waiting for more. The term ‘teaser’ suits well-enough in that respect but this French doom act should have been able to give a little more to the fan base they’re about to create.

Overall, it’s a refreshing listen in the year 2013. These guys might not see too many ‘best albums’ lists but they’ve set the foundation up for any future releases. A full-length release will be the turn of this band, allowing them serious head-way in the doom genre. For now, the band will have to focus on creating a larger, more rounded sound. This EP is definitely worth the twenty minutes to be listened to and should be picked up for a taste of The Lumberjack Feedback’s monolithic sound.


Official Tracklisting:

1. A Whisper To The Thunder

2. The Dreamcatcher

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