Nefas Terra Interview


On the back of promoting Nefas Terra’s new official video, I found myself the chance to talk with this rather unheard of metal act. We covered their ambitions, influences, live shows and how they like to describe their music and views on the underground metal scene.

This duo answered everything question I threw at them and provided more detail than I was expecting, take a look!

1. Firstly, who are you guys and what’s your role in Nefas Terra?

Chad: So, I play guitar, make shity growl vocals and write lyrics. Klem is the main singer create musiс creator.

2. There’s been some speculation made when others are describing your band’s sound and genre – How would you describe your music, and what genre do you place Nefas Terra?

Klem: From the beginning, we considered NT (Nefas Terra) as black metal band, but I think that we do not belong to the classic black metal right now because we use a lot of melodies and stuff from different styles chosen by our taste. So we have a mix of our personal preferences, is personally in our view. I think classic black metal fans think in other ways. 

Chad: About lyrical themes, we also chose the most mundane topic of human vices and evil in the face of the human being. This is not evil which is described in mythology and other fictional literature and it doesn’t mean that we don’t like it! With the subject of vices, we are more honest and candid with the listener, passing what we see we hear and what we are concerned about.

3. Your Facebook profile states the band no longer does live shows, preferring to stick to studio music and recording hard copies. Is there a specific reason why you no longer perform in front of crowds?

Klem: The main reason is that by giving some concerts in the past we realized that people (here in Moscow) don’t appreciate live performances. Nowadays black metal scene is full of various metal bands and people are over saturated with the live performances. We decided to put everything on the way of high-quality recordings and videos. Another reason is that we are only two members and we don’t have like-minded people. All session musicians make a lot of trouble, which never justifies the effort invested in meaningless gigs.

Chad: As for me, I really tiered of fucking politics in black metal. We never wrote anything on this case before, but in a few days after our 1st album “Life in Darkness” was uploading to internet, I’ve found a lot of ‘nsbm’ tags under our band title. The most stupid thing, that people make it from time to time only because the like our music and they prefer nationalism point of view. 

4. Now that you’re in your own band, do you support many bands or go to their shows?

Klem: We attend concerts of bands which are interesting for us, or bands which we have long time wanted to visit.
Chad: With all my desire, but I can’t mention any bands from our local black metal scene. 

5. Image is becoming more and more important these days for artists to stick out and be noticed, tell us a bit about your bands image, particularly the one in your bands official shots.

Chad: Everything is pretty easy. We won’t use this radical penguin corps-paint anymore. Our official shoots were made during our video clip shooting. We decided to make everything honest, as usual. In the past we were found of bands with such a style and the Life in Darkness album was wrote at that time exactly. That’s why we make the video, pics and now we can bury it with peace in our minds.

6. Can we expect a release any time soon, 2013 is half over is there anything in the process of being released?

Chad: Yes. You are the 1st person who will know it from us. We are going to make a split 7-inch vinyl with the band, whose name we won’t announce. We already recorded two draft-songs. This will be our best expression. The new songs will explode your brain! There will be live drums and a few perfect melodies which go through our soul. The best black metal label from USA – 9th meridian records from Colorado will release it in the end of 2013 – or the beginning 2014.

7. You guys are very much an ‘underground’ band, would you like to see the ‘underground’ emerge so to speak in a more noticeable field?

Klem: I believe that everyone who play the instruments, write music without a wish to become popular and stay in “underground” is hypocrite who try to attract the attention by using this method. I want to say, that “underground” is not existing anymore, because in fact it should be the kind of music which is prohibited, which is nowhere you can’t get or see a concert. Nowadays everything is available, the band with any music and lyrics can either find a way to make and distribute a recording to the masses.

8. Lots of bands, especially in metal are taking to Bandcamp to distribute their music either, free, name your price or for purchase. What are your views on ‘legally-free’ music?

Klem: I think that all the guys who pick up a guitar don’t think about the earning some money from it. If you feel, that someone likes your music, you trying as quickly as you can bring it up to the other listeners. It would be good if this remains forever.

nefas terra


Nefas Terra are currently working on a split which will either be released later this year or early in 2014. They are a band you should be sure to check out! Find them on Facebook here:

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