Primitive Graven Image – Traversing The Awesome Night


Primitive Graven Image is a primal and fierce foray into the world of thrash influenced black metal. It’s great to see the ‘old-school’ vibe still pushing through. Considering this is the debut record of U.K. black metal brothers Dokkalfur (lead vocals, drum programming, guitars, bass) and Ljosalfur (guitars, bass, vocals) from back in 2007, Primitive Graven Image get everything right by following in the footsteps of others. Despite a fluctuation over the years of old-school influenced bands, in the shape of Skaldic Curse amongst others, Traversing The Awesome Night is remarkably fresh for its time. That aside, Traversing The Awesome Night shows a band that has room to grow, expand and better themselves. It’s not enough to take the influences of past bands and do very little with them, Primitive Graven Image showcase some memorable black metal tributes but do little in the way of exceeding the listeners’ expectations with their own flair. For the most part, this young duo excell when at mid-tempo. The pace allows for their ideas to be fleshed out in a better, promising manner without complicating sections or rushing through blast-beated tempos. The almost wailing vocals transcend the norm of the genre and add a flair for goth-like melodramatics (which if used properly, would have put this record into a completely different quality level). That’s not to say this particular style hasn’t been seen before as Primitive Graven Image do provide a rather fresh take on an ever stale scene.

At times, Primitive Graven Image do promote themselves in a positive manner. These moments make up for the rest of the album and turn it into the steady listen that it is. “As I Wander” is a particular stand-out relying on it’s use of intense melody, closing with a tasteful, but repeated, solo line. The song replicates the old-school vibe and keeps the listener interested with its fresh, almost personal over-tones. It seems when the band slows things down a notch, the songs speak for themselves and in turn, highlight the album.

One of the biggest problems with an album within the old-school black metal genre, is the fact that it is – “old-school”. Black metal is often a lot older than people think with many bands brandishing the black metal flag over the years. Thrash influence can only get a band so far when trying to make ‘old’ new again. It’s merit-able, no doubt, but it lacks the initial “wow” factor that many bands had back in the day. Where bands like Marduk use black metal like a sledge-hammer to knee-cap, Primitive Graven Image merely drop a fist into the victim’s stomach. Sure enough, both of those will do some damage, but I think we can all take a guess at which would hurt all the more…



  1. Bringer Of Dark And Light
  2. None Shall Stand
  3. Design
  4. Fear And Fire
  5. The Journey To The Forest
  6. As I Wander
  7. Earth’s Wrath
  8. Battleride
  9. Victorious
  10. The Shriek Of Death


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