Arrogant Destruktor – Demo 2013

arrogant de

The U.K. has had its share of innovators, revivalists and pioneers, especially in metal and despite the bickering back and forth by differing countries there’s no denying that the U.K. metal scene has left a lasting impression. All these years after the initial fact, the region is still pumping out some of the most consistently great acts ensuring that the tradition set by some of the for-fathers of metal maintain their lasting values. That’s not to say everything made all of them years ago is unique, rather it’s just an combination of the influences, grown and passed through the generations. Take Arrogant Destruktor’s debut demo, and whilst not a full length it maintains the traditional elements found in bands like Immortal and the infamously legendary, Bathory. Arrogant Destruktor’s demo release is a hand down old-school worship in the vein of the same names as mentioned above. All the fundamental elements are here, and more importantly, well executed.

Now we all know what demos are like, short, to-the-point, displaying what the band’s possible positives are (if any) in an extremely short, stripped down version. Most of the time the stigma around demos doesn’t really appeal to any fan unless of course they’re into a low-grade quality and minimally fleshed out idealism. Fortunately, for Arrogant Destruktor, the release is far from a “tin-can” recording process and has all the professionalism of an EP recording. Unfortunately, this three track Bathory-worship clocks in at just over sixteen minutes, slipping right into the “short” part of the demo stereotype which is not really a bad thing, as listeners’ will be waiting for more material to surface.  For those willing to listen to another upcoming extreme metal act from the U.K., think independently honest, rather than “lo-fi” as Arrogant Destruktor ‘s demo makes up for it with a modern take on vintage metal.

Tracks like ‘The Divine Embers’ which closes the demo, shows off everything this little band from the underground has to offer. Featuring the live drummer from Anaal Nathrakh, Arrogant Destruktor boasts a steady already polished line-up. You may not have heard of the members individually, but that’s okay, you soon will as this act builds off the demo and releases full-lengths. At times, the music does feel a little ‘samey’ in places but that’s to be expected, it’s not like these guys are trying to sell you triangle shaped wheels, opting for a “if it works, why change it?” approach. As a whole this demo is a short taste of things to come, Arrogant Destuktor show promise, now all they have to do is put a full-length out to maintain the momentum.


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