Gorefield – As Dawn Bleeds The Sky…

Gorefield - As Dawn Bleeds The Sky

Traditional values make for a solid, highly enjoyable thrash album.

We all know about the ‘Big Four’? Well for those who have hidden in a cave for the last almost thirty years; there’s been a few bands’ that inspired many and has been cited as an influence by a majority of modern acts. Who are the big four? Well, names like Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth should at least ring a couple of bells in the back of the listeners’ mind. Regardless, this is the year 2013 and there are some new kids on the block ready to take up the flag and fight for thrash taking heed of the foundation that has been firmly planted in the ground for many years, and many years to come.

Gorefield are everything you want in modern, straight-forward thrash. It’s funny, because everything that most listeners want has traditional, old-school sounds. This is mainly because Gorefield’s sound takes its influences from at least two of the above mentioned four and minimally due to the production which has strayed away from the typical “million dollar” studio sound and opted for a respectful, matching rawer sound, letting all the nitty-gritty have its place on the album. I’m not saying this is a home job, fresh from some guys tin shed, rather the sound that is found on Gorefield’s 2013 release is fresh while matching the days of old. If there’s one way to think about it, Gorefield’s As Dawn Bleeds The Sky… is thrash from Australia, straight-forward and without the Hetfield “yeahs”. For the most part, ‘As Dawn Bleeds The Sky…’ re-creates what it takes to make relevant thrash in modern metal with some straight-forward hooks and the most solid riffage to come out of the region. With the album’s seven tracks it’s hard to image that the album would outstay its welcome, ‘As Dawn Bleeds The Sky…’ never hints at outstaying a listening welcome, rather it’s over before you want it to and those listening will only be left waiting eagerly for more.

Ultimately, this is nothing more than it needs to be, and fairs all the better because of it. Brisbane can stand tall on the back of a few great releases from the area over the course of the last few years, especially that in the metal scene.  All together Gorefield’s attempt at revitalizing a genre works, it might not be revolutionary or bring anything new to the proverbial table, but under the stereotypes and cliches of such an over-saturated genre, ‘As Dawn Bleeds The Sky…’ manages to build on what was considered a niche under a spot light. With an enthusiastic release and a willingness to build from the band members collective influences, Gorefield triumphantly bring thrash back out of retirement with their début release in 2013.




2.Love Thy Enemy

3.Those Who Say Never


5.Playing With Fire

6.End Of The Night

7.As Dawn Bleeds The Sky…

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