Mallory Vanetti – Domino Effekt

mallory venetti domino effekt

An energetic display of pop commercial ability, tied in with some enjoyable hooks and teen inspired angst.

Let’s face it the pop genre and endless radio anthems have become completely over-saturated in a modern musical setting. Regardless of the band’s relevance to make catchy songs and relate-able lyrics, there’s always some new and emerging act to make a claim at radio stardom. Mallory Venetti’s Domino Effekt ticks all the boxes of a successful pop release, unveils some tap along rhythms and more importantly can relate to its listeners at an immediate level. At the album’s core, there’s simply no denying that this band is brought together by it’s front-women, one look at the band’s photos gives you an impression of a strong female led studio band that focuses as much on the image as the music put onto a CD . Of course, the music is a female-charged powerhouse of dominant female croons, belts, middles and highs, contrasting enough to support the interest of the listener.

Mallory Vanetti cites influences from across the board, mostly in the names of P!nk, Evanescence and even the quirkiness of System Of A Down. At times, these influences come together to create the Domino Effekt sound, but mostly, Mallory Vanetti’s sound is an amalgamation of the fresh and home-grown angst, developed with a sense of uniqueness quite unlike the commercial radio atmosphere found on the radio scene today. So what does the album sound like? Well, take a percentage of P!nk, a dash of Evanescence, a striking of The Veronicas and something that is completely Mallory Venetti. It’s a combination that works well for the band and would work well in most live settings.

Despite all the positive seeping from this record, the album itself is far from flawless and would benefit from more attention to its production. In the studio the band has the essentials right, the vocals are up there and instantly in the listeners’ ears. Unfortunately, between the vocals and the snappy snare and bass guitar lines, the rest of the album is overshadowed and pushed to the back like a naughty student being isolated in class. For ‘Domino Effekt’ to make the best impact the mixing should have been a little more cohesive and even giving some more life to a ‘band’ effort instead of a one-woman vocal show.

Overall, Mallory Vanetti will grow and the next few years will highlight just how much potential this act has. The local scene is bolstered by this young and energetic group, with room to improve on the solid foundations they’ve set for themselves. With the title track standing as an instant highlight of the album, Mallory Vanetti show a depth to their song-writing that goes past the simple scat sounds and contextual motifs of relationship breakups. Domino Effekt is a fresh take on an over-populated radio inspired scene, regardless of the genre, Mallory can stand on its own and by its own rights. It’s not perfect, it was never be (just see the song ‘Perffect Girl’), but for the most part there is no denying just how enjoyable music like this can be.


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