Nephren-Ka – The Fall Of Omnius

the fall

Your resistance is futile; there is no reason to resist. Accept your fate as a new dawn arises from the ashes.

Not much is known about Nephren-Ka and their devastatingly tasty assault on the ears, one thing is for certain, it’s a name and sound that will be sticking around for some time to come. ‘The Fall Of Omnius’ is a decadent display of death metal growls, blast beats and strong musicianship tied together in a forty-three and a half minute affair. Hailing from France, Nephren-Ka are everything you want from a modern day death metal band. In case you hadn’t guessed it, these guys are heavy, but not for the simple sake of being “heavy”. The Fall Of Omnius show enough melodic input and black metal influence to push their ferocious message along in the most intuitive of ways. The album (which is the band’s debut full-length) will be released via Kaotoxin Records and is the perfect follow up to the band’s debut EP back in 2010. It’s easy to understand why the Fall Of Omnius has such a lasting appeal. Loosely based on Frank Herbert’s “Dune” the band allows free-flowing death metal to tell the story. The music is fast, intense and succinctly steps on the neck of its competitors. At the record’s core, the instrumental aspect is highly technical. You’re not going to find a random in a bar with the precision to hit the snare is such a fast, yet smooth fashion, nor are you going to find an everyday guitarist capable of this creative verses heavy play style. The attention to detail allows for Nephren-Ka to make the most of what they have.

‘The Fall Of Omnius’ is a rather seamless death metal album. The album as a whole shows little variance, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot going on. Under the blast beats and well-executed growls, there’s a musical awareness. It matches the atmosphere of the record down to the finest of details and is far from the mindless dribble found in a lot of modern death metal acts. Tracks come and go but there are highlights at every turn. Tracks like the opener ‘Butlerian Djihad’ bear down on the listener with a furious stampede of articulated noise. Every instrument has its place and sounds a little more polished than your typical death metal debut. Solos punch through the speakers and the technical ability of a dual guitar team step into the spot light. Even the album’s namesake track, ‘The Rise Of Omnius’ defines just what Nephren-Ka are all about. Pummeling rhythms on top of stylistically excellent growls and screams promote the band as a force to be reckoned with. It’s not all about the fast though, as the guys here know when and where to take things down a notch to let the music take its toll on the listener.

With each listen, The Fall Of Omnius swells, grows and transforms. You hear things you missed the first time, for the most part the album is a sonic journey, harsh, unforgiving and without remorse. It’s not enough to say these guys are heavy, it’s lazy and an insult to the guys behind the Nephren-Ka name. The Fall Of Omnius is a devastating listen, from front to back, it’s one of those chew on you than spit you out records with little mind for sweet bridges or smooth interludes.



1.Butlerian Djihad

2.Mastering The Voice

3.Legend of Selim (pt.1)

4.The Rise Of Omnius

5.Feydakins Storm

6.The Cymek Revolution

7.Legend of Selim (pt.2)

8.Praise Shai-Hulud

9.To The Golden Path

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