Eye Of Solitude – The Deceit

eye of solitude the deceit


Eighteen minutes of music, wrapped up in a three tracked EP. Eye Of Solitude sure do know how to tease and manipulate, ‘The Deceit’ is an overpowering embodiment of doom perfection that ends all too quickly.

Eye Of Solitude have more or less become a house-hold name of the doom genre, and who could honestly say otherwise? The band has simply captured the stereotypes of the genre and added their own distinct flair of melancholic awareness. Arguments of what kind of doom metal it is aside (death/doom, funeral doom, melodic doom, melancholic symphonic black metal etc.(who decides?)) there’s something about this polished act that does the simplest of things right and ultimately, the music becomes more rounded and more enjoyable with each new release. The new EP, ‘The Deceit’ marks a maturing of a band moving into something bigger. When listening to Eye Of Solitude’s music, there’s always the feeling that the band are constantly moving forward, ready to take on a new influence or explore their sound just that little bit more. It’s easy to see that this U.K. based group are growing, feeding off their passed experiences and more importantly still making high quality music.

Featuring a single ‘original’ track, it could be said that this three tracked EP could’ve waited for more material, instead the band show off their influences at a more personal level covering Shape Of Despair’s ‘Night’s Dew’. It’s clear that any more original content from the band would be found only found on a band’s full-length which based on the bands display here, is sure to please fans of the genre as well as long-time fans of the band. The final track is an old-tune, remastered and re-recorded. ‘Painstained’ rounds off the closing stages of the EP and in a great fashion. Eye Of Solitude has seen this track through with renewed vigor and energy. Ultimately, the track is more than welcome here and despite being a remastered song, highlights the EP in the most succinct of ways.

It is a shame that this is only three tracks long, the rest will have to wait for the full-length to emerge, but if this is anything to go by, Eye Of Solitude are only going to swell, expand and grow, bolstered by this EP. It seems eighteen minutes is just a teaser of more to come. As for the ‘here and now’, ‘The Deceit’ marks a melancholic venture through the fogs of the band’s career, it’s smooth but the twists and turns will leave you guessing, and always wanting more.



1. The Deceit

2. Night’s Dew

3. Painstained


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