SCORDATURA – Torment of the Weak


If this is really the end, the weak must suffer longer. SCORDATURA aren’t here to sing you a bunch of nursery rhymes and send you off to bed. No, ‘Torment Of The Weak’ is the metaphorical sledge hammer to the throat. These Scott’s are playing a game of no mercy, no restraints death metal. It’s fast and furious, highlighting just what aggression can do to a forward thinking group of talented musicians. What makes ‘Torment Of The Weak’ more impressive is the fact that this album is just their debut full-length. These boys have a lot more to offer the death metal community, and with a release like this, they’re going to be around for a while yet. What’s great to notice is that SCORDATURA isn’t hopping on the trends of the genre. Most bands try to revitalize the days of old, try to remake the vintage death metal sound. SCORDATURA are simply doing what they should be, utilizing modern death metal sounds and throwing the odd slam into their music.

It’s to no surprise that these Scott’s aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary, as far as incorporating innovative features into their music. There’s no frills, dazzles, nothing that shouldn’t be here, ‘Torment Of The Weak’ is a spectacular debut, re-affirming that modern death metal is far from a dying trend (you see what I did there?). Regardless, SCORDATURA’s Torment Of The Weak is full of intensity, lasting throughout the album’s entire length. But there’s more to this picture than blast-beats and lasting intensity. The album actually has a sense of depth, playing on the back of some rather efficient technical prowess. Nothing here is simply for the sake of it, it all makes perfect sense from front to back, giving life to this debut release.

‘Torment Of The Weak’ is a rather short blasting of devastatingly beautiful death metal. Tracks like ‘Visceral Disembowelment’, where the name of the track should be enough of an indication of the sound to come. Regardless, this track is an indication of the sublime aggressiveness that is found throughout the record. ‘Visceral Disembowelment’ hits hard and the growls punch through to the listener, evenly phrased, sitting over the rhythmic aspect of the track quite perfectly. The influences of the band are quite clear, having toured with the likes of Cryptopsy, Misery Index, Aborted, Beneath The Massacre, Malevolant Creation, Fleshgod Apocalypse and the Condemned, there’s something to which the band can take and make their own.

Overall, SCORDATURA’s Torment Of The Weak is a stunningly solid debut release from an aspiring band. Scotland can look towards SCORDATURA’s future proudly, aware of the fact that a band showing this much talent is not going to simply slip off the map. The album’s highlights come and go, making you want to revisit each part. Apart from the fact that this isn’t exactly reinventing the death metal wheel and the album’s occasional samey soundscapes this is a quality slab of death metal, lasting thirty minutes, before it outwears its welcome. The matter of the fact is that SCORDATURA’s ‘Torment Of The Weak’ is worthy of the attention it will surely gain.


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