Sinister Realm – World of Evil

sinister realm

Sinister Realm return with their third release ‘World of Evil’. Straight up heavy metal with some technical and power leans to please new and old fans alike.

For years bands have been playing music in the same style as the founders of the metal genre (Sabbath, Maiden and Priest). The formula is pretty basic. Take two parts guitar, one part bass and a smidge of drums. Add in some theatrical vocals, ambient keyboards and voila, heavy metal 101. The recipe has resulted in varying degrees of success over the years; that small pile of recognition stands next to a massive pile of releases that just didn’t carry. Ergo, for fans of metal not only are there excellent releases coming out every few weeks, but also a mountain of great bands just waiting to be listened to. Pennsylvania’s Sinister Realm deliver a solid, if not middling release with World of Evil.

Dark Fantasy is the theme of the day here, with eight tracks running over the various dark and shadowy corners of the realm. Alex Kristof’s vocal delivery reminds one of Dio.. if he happened to sing baritone. Much lower on the register than his usual power/metal counterparts this aspect of his singing lends some uniqueness to his delivery. It is however limiting in its effectiveness as some songs here would benefit from some really high register notes. John Gaffney absolutely murders the bass on this album, and his performance is a stand out point that other bands should listen to when recording a metal album. THIS is how you add presence and bottom end to a release and make it sound fantastic. John Risko and John Kantner provide an apt amount of traditional riffage and Chris Metzger’s kit work is suitable if not a little bordering on generic. All three are technically proficient and write songs to please, but the déjà vu sense listening to this album is palpable.

The Forest of Souls/Four Black Witches are two tracks (though flow really nicely as one) that summarize this release. A brief moment of white noise, followed by some decent acoustic guitar work segues into a traditional drum cadence and slowly riffed power chords. The bass mirrors the guitar and then when the song splits the riff speeds up and the vocals kick in. This all crescendos in a sweeping chorus and well, I don’t think I need to say much more. It is metal well done, but we’ve heard metal done well before.

World of Evil delivers a little under 45 minutes of good, but completely unassuming metal. Listeners may come out with one or two tracks that they really enjoy but otherwise this will get lost in a sea of similar artists.


Track list:

1. Dark Angel of Fate

2. Bell Strikes Fear

3. World of Evil

4. The Ghosts of Nevermore

5. Prophets of War

6. Cyber Villain

7. The Forest of Souls

8. Four Black Witches

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