Forlorn Chambers- Unborn and Hollow

forlorn chapters

Hailing from Tampere, Finland, Forlorn Chambers was formed in 2012. With influences ranging from black metal to death metal, they promptly released their demo “Unborn and Hollow” the following year. Little is known about the band currently other than their location- the members choose to be anonymous. Partly a barrage of heaviness, partly a show of melodic-ism, “Unborn and Hollow” showcases Forlorn Chambers ability to deftly construct an enjoyable death metal listen. “Unborn and Hollow” is a concise listen clocking in at fourteen minutes; however, each minute of music is delivered in its fullest by the band.

Beginning with a guitar melody, the demo starts with the title track ‘Unborn and Hollow’. The first song demonstrates the militant precision that the band employs within their music. Keenly melodic and enticing, ‘And We Hail The Ones That Fall’ initiates with an impressive intro, wasting no time on formalities. Perhaps the most impressive song from the demo, heavy drums pressure your ears from start to finish. Forlorn Chambers’s songs are able to flow seamlessly throughout their structure, blending heaviness with a touch of melody. ‘Desolate Resolution’ holds an intro that gradually builds on intricacy and concludes the demo on a somber note as the song echoes of a measured gloominess through both its title and its mellow, overpowering guitar.

Although the vocals are difficult to discern, Forlorn Chambers has created a well-rounded release through “Unborn and Hollow”. Each song is structured differently than the last and the demo serves properly to tease listeners through its short selection of songs. Essentially, the demo leaves listeners pleased and anticipating the band’s next release.



  1. Unborn and Hollow
  2. And We Hail The Ones That Fall
  3. Desolate Resolution

To visit Forlorn Chambers on Facebook, click here

To hear “Unborn and Follow”, visit the band’s SoundCloud

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