Erimha- Reign Through Immortality


Erimha’s musical direction in “Reign Through Immortality” is easily notable for its usage of bombastic blast beats that fuse seamlessly with soaring guitars and dynamic orchestral arrangements. At just under 47 minutes, “Reign Through Immortality” holds an ideal length and unrelenting focus to keep any black metal listener engaged and constantly banging their head to the rhythm of the music.

One of the most appealing features of “Reign Through Immortality” is the composition of the songs. Throughout the entirety of the album, every song is an absolute necessity- the songs flow together effortlessly in order to craft the complete album. With a diverse set of song structures found on the release ranging from the furious, drumming-intensive ‘Ascetic’ to the ten-minute monstrous ‘Metempsychosis’, Erimha creates an interesting album to listen to for both new and veteran black metal listeners. The album begins chaotically at an unparalleled frenzy and gradually turns its focus to an increased melody and rhythm following the instrumental ‘Saunter to Extinction’.

Erihma’s name derives from the Sumerian word for “army” or “legion” and their name couldn’t have represented the band any better. “Reign Through Immortality” features drums that sting with every blow, time after time. Ksaos’s drumming on the album is rapid and technically pleasing. In ‘Condemned to Desolation’, Ksaos showcases his drumming talent through a sweltering song that varies the pace of the drums from start to finish with the help of orchestration to accentuate the intensity of the song. Ksaos’s drumming is one of the strongest characteristics of the release and always a consistent focus throughout the album for its powerful strength. Gore’s vocals are raw and jarring, able to convey a plethora of emotions ranging from triumph to despair. He uses a meticulous combination of both high-pitched screams and guttural growls to add texture and emotion to the album. Orchestration is constantly used throughout the album and is sonically balanced to always be present yet never overbearing or droning. Likewise, Erimha utilizes tense guitar solos and occasionally choir vocals used in tracks such as ‘Bewildering Nightmare’.

On first listen, Erimha’s “Reign Through Immortality” is an impressive album; however, further listens allow the album to reach its fullest listening potential. Erimha grafts an album with cutting-edge precision and regardless of whether you enjoy the hammering blows of drums, the rhythm of guitars, abrasive vocals or dramatic symphonics, “Reign Through Immortality” secures a pleasurable listening experience. With a crisp production, “Reign Through Immortality” allows listeners to hear each instrument clearly and focus on the sounds from specific instruments if one chooses to do so. Based on the premium quality of the album in all aspects, it is almost astonishing to believe that Erimha has been a band for only three years. Erimha certainly does not suffer from a sophomore slump in “Reign Through Immortality”, and listeners can expect many more brilliant releases from Erimha in coming years.



  1. Enlightenment
  2. Ascetic
  3. Condemned To Desolation
  4. Bewildering Nightmare
  5. Saunter to Extinction
  6. The Ritual of Internicion
  7. Metaphysic Countenance
  8. Verdict of the Soul
  9. Cataclysmic Tides
  10. Metempsychosis

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