Colosus – Blestem

colosus blestem

An hour of funeral doom power.

I’ve always been fascinated by bands who take the darker thoughts in everybody’s minds and transform them into musical ingenuity. That’s where the doom metal genre shines, but take that extra step, think funeral doom metal for a moment and all those dank, sinister and woeful thoughts have a place to fester, infect and grow in the latter parts of the listeners’ mind. This is not happy music, the funeral tag should have made that quite clear, it’s a genre that wants you to think, long, hard and let the emotions fly free. One moment you’ll think of the sad, eerie and almost depressive, while the next you’ll unleash the utter despair and intense anger at the same thought. It’s a fruit that comes forth when listening to Colosus’ ‘Blestem’, and an experience you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.

Hailing from the U.K. Colosus is driven by Krhudd, who has a rather profound musical ability especially when it comes to the highly atmospheric and sinister sounding ‘Blestem’, it’s to no surprise that Kaotoxin Records jumped at the chance to sign this rather above and beyond act. With roots in black metal, the rather depressive, bleak and raw to life sound punctuates through the funeral doom atmosphere. Take the album’s longest track for example; ‘Mormant’ shows a slow-paced melodic melancholy that’s offset by a thickened atmosphere adding a surreal tension to the music. At over twelve minutes, it’s easy to understand that this is a track full of depth and even the wall of black metal innuendo does nothing to limit the oppressiveness and captivating intensity that swallows the track’s entity. At this point you’re probably thinking you’ve heard it all, but the track itself has its own chapters as a percussive tribal section enters. It sets the tone up for the next part of track and the crescendo climax found in the sinister screams, wailing vocals, thudding rhythmic drum and guitar sections. This track alone provokes the listener into thinking that there is more going on here than what’s simply on the surface. All of these descriptors for this track and it’s the proverbial tip of the iceberg. It makes you think; this is one track, of eight, you have a lot more to listen to. ‘Blestem’ is a beach, smooth sands at night. One moment your ankles are in the water, but as time progresses you are swallowed, drowned in this musical oppressiveness, but the feeling is welcome, enjoyable.

Where the album truly takes hold, it is relentless but subtle. At times Colosus’ Blestem is droning, atmospheric adding to the sublime melancholy of twisting and growing sections. As a whole the album transforms under strict but free-flowing atmospherics. This isn’t your typical depressive black metal record, it’s more. From start to finish there’s something always captivating, engaging the listener. Take heed, a certain amount of patience is required when listening to these kinds of releases and Colosus’ ‘Blestem’ is especially no different. It’s got all the stereotypical features of a depressive black metal album but also adds the overall complexities of the funeral doom genres. There’s no clean singing, just an ability to convey the darker thoughts in everybody’s minds through music. For a debut, this is high quality, complex and deep funeral doom metal. Relishing in the ability to bring the black metal genre’s darkest features and weave them almost seamlessly into this atmospheric monolithic display of emotive musical ingenuity.



1. Desertaciune 03:54 
2. Mormant 12:51 
3. Intuneric 09:42 
4. Blestem 04:21 
5. Dorinta 07:56 
6. La Apus 09:36 
7. Red Snow (Coldworld cover) 09:13 
8. Pustiu 07:49

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