Autumnblaze – Every Sun Is Fragile


Encompassing a multitude of emotions, “Every Sun Is Fragile” sees Autumnblaze at the sixth full-length release of their career. Following a four year absence between releases, “Every Sun Is Fragile” is crafted maturely, brimming with sensation. Songs from the start of “Every Sun Is Fragile” hold catchy choruses; however, these soon decrease in frequency during the second half of the album. The album holds a playful start, but gradually becomes more and more brooding. An added urgency has emerged in the album by the halfway point and the album beckons to be taken in a different perspective upon its completion.

Autumnblaze’s music transcends the boundaries of a single genre- when listeners are attuned to the atmospheric soundscape of certain songs, Markus’ black metal vocals protrude any sense of calm and alert listeners of a further depth to the album. Harsh vocals are used sparingly in the album, but sharply contrast the atmosphere of the songs and the gentle tone of the guitars. Markus’s vocals engage listeners on a journey through the emotions in “Every Sun Is Fragile”. Whispered vocals and soft melodies are flowing and subtle as Markus sings, but as more powerful emotion is expressed in the album, Markus’ vocals quickly turn to being blunt and expressive through his black metal screams. The abrupt change from calmness to frustration in ‘A Place For Paper Diamonds’ serves to remind listeners that changes in human emotion are not always predicted or gradual. In ‘A Place for Paper Diamonds’, Autumblaze does not change the ambiance of instrumentals during the screamed lyrics, demonstrating that oftentimes emotions are fragile and liable to change even in constant situations.

Maintaining their German heritage, numerous songs and lyrics from “Every Sun Is Fragile” are in German. Autumnblaze’s music isn’t entirely balanced on the understanding of lyrics, and the songs in the English and German languages are able to combine together to deliver the band’s message throughout their music. The varying atmosphere and intensity that Autumnblaze creates in their music is evident, regardless of what language the vocals are sung in or if listeners can understand the lyrics. If the vocals were to be removed from ‘How I Learned to Burn My Teardrops’, listeners would still be able to understand that the song expresses a gained wisdom and a coming to terms with reality throughout the work of the band’s guitarist Andreas Schuler.  Andreas’s somber guitar is especially notable in “Every Sun Is Fragile” for conveying insightful emotion in addition to delivering the occasional solo.

“Every Sun Is Fragile” is a mixture of everything Autumnblaze is characterized for: melancholy sounds, moving lyricisms, and primarily soft vocals that caress your ears along with a necessity for unnerving vocals that contrast lighter moments. The atmosphere in the songs from the album flows from melodic to disruptive instantly, offering fine contrast to diverse songs.



  1. Opening
  2. New Ghosts In Town
  3. Invisible Fields
  4. Im Spiegel
  5. Mein Engel, der aus fliebt
  6. Every Sun Is Fragile
  7. Cold Soul
  8. How I Learned To Burn My Teardrops
  9. A Place For Paper Diamonds
  10. Verglimmt

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