Fed To The Ocean – Keep On

fed to the ocean, keep on

Let’s face it, metalcore is a pretty ‘done’ genre. Sure, it’s got its uses and for the most part this unchanging facet of metal has steadily earned a reputation of quasi-breakdowns and predictable structures. Unfortunately for the genre as a whole, the limits found in this style are being de-graded in an ever growing scene of bands wearing the proverbial metalcore flag proudly. You know what I’m getting at, we’ve all heard the sound before, here and there and almost a million times over, but that doesn’t stop an upcoming act from being enjoyable when working off an already set in stone foundation. Hailing from the U.K. Fed To The Ocean rely on solid musicianship and an awareness that they don’t have to be the next revolutionary act to make enjoyable music. Rather this U.K. act promotes the stereotypes of the genre just as much as they are trying to find their own distinct sound. It’s metalcore, with a hardcore edge to it, there’s no dismissing it. With what these guys are doing, it’s clear they know what sounds work within the genre and they are simply working with the stigma, rather than avoiding it like the plague.

‘Keep On’ is short, this works for Fed To The Ocean. Listeners don’t need an expansive, ever-reaching hour long display of recycled riffs and themes. The band can maintain the interest of the listener throughout and with only eight tracks, ‘Keep On’ is over in a matter of thirty minutes. If the motto “short and sweet” is anything to go by, these young metalers have especially nailed it. There’s enough material here for the band to make a mark on the local scene, as well as give an international audience.

Now it has been said before, Fed To The Ocean is not an out of the box, forward thinking, new wave of innovative or revolutionary metalcore band. From start to finish, the band show-cases the typical sounds of the genre. Breakdowns, quasi-breakdowns, screamed verses, layered cleans… you name it, if the entire of the metalcore genre uses it, so does Fed To The Ocean. But, for all of the genre bashing, and pointing out the flaws of a scene, there is something about this young U.K. act that shines out of a stagnant pile of mud. Relish the fact that the band is a copy cat of most other acts, Fed To The Ocean are stagnant, but in the most positive of ways. If you like your metalcore, straight, no-frills and with a high self-awareness, this is a band you should be checking out.



1. 1984

2. InDependent (ft. Max Campbell)

3. Un-noticed

4. Human Condition

5. Never Fade

6. Part II

7. 500 Roads

8. Keep On (ft. Kadeem France)

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