Perversion – Pillars of the Enlightened

perversion Death metal wasn’t meant to be a graceful display of sound. I mean, the name says it all…. It’s not pretty, nice, beautiful, it’s not going to throw a daisy or rose at you. This is sledge-hammer wielding no nonsense, in your face, throat stomping death metal. All the way from Dubai, Perversion are your straight-forward, no remorse death metal band. The group focuses away of the technical ‘wankery’ of other modern acts and instead gives listeners exactly what they want – – death metal. To say ‘Pillars Of The Enlightened’ is unrelenting is a bit ‘simple’, but the fact remains that Perversion’s ‘Pillars Of The Enlightened’ is a thirty-three and a half minute onslaught of varying intensity death metal. It’s not perfect, it wasn’t meant to be. In fact, the album’s brevity is such a positive attribute that if any longer this album would have slipped into a monotonous, droll of death metal.

At the album’s core, the music is fierce. It’s clear these Dubai metal monsters mean business. We all know the core sound here, but Perversion mix it up, not in the way that the band is revolutionizing anything new in the genre, rather it’s a focus on what these guys do best. With a run-time of just over thirty minutes, it’s fair to say that Perversion’s Pillars Of The Enlightened is a ‘to the point’ recording. It’s true that this doesn’t surpass a massive run-time, expand into a progressive display of mystical musical ingenuity. This is everything death metal is supposed to be, it matches the stereotypes well as well as waves the flag proudly. It’s technical, fast and for the most part, relentless. For a band that doesn’t have the automatic hype of acts like Suffocation or the infamous Cannibal Corpse, Perversion do better than alright.

If anything’s for sure, Perversion reinforce a genre, adding to an already solid array of releases peppered across a genre. You might not have heard of these guys before but it’s more than worth the time to check these guys out. ‘Pillars Of The Enlightened’ is an album that doesn’t let go, not because it’s a revolutionary masterpiece, but because it doesn’t. Perversion’s 2013 release fairs so much better conforming to the stereotypes of the genre.


  1. Through the Void (Intro)
  2. Aging the Unbirthed
  3. The Great Deception
  4. Pillars of the Enlightened
  5. Subconscious Mutation
  6. Gates of the Multiverse
  7. The Origins of Horror
  8. Ones of the Beyond
  9. Dementia (Of Devourment)
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