PRC Music Sign Two New Bands

prc music


PRC Music is extremely proud to announce two new signings to the label, two bands that absolutely soar over the competition!

The first hailing from Turkey, HERETIC SOUL, has released their fourth brutal, powerhouse album, “The Nihilistic Attitude”! Heavy and brilliantly executed, the album is flawless and boasts an excellent production that will surely garner them success being first on a Quebec label. Soon to see it’s Canadian release on the 29th of October, HERETIC SOUL’s, “The Nihilistic Attitude” will be available digitally and on cd! You’ve been warned!

Check out an UNMASTERED teaser of the upcoming album here: “Cancer of Society”

Even more extreme, technical and jarring, IN THE BURIAL is another signing for PMC Music. Emerging from Adelaide, Australia, the band offer fans a large dose of hyper fast, extreme brutality and precision. This well-oiled machine is already a phenomena down under and have been lavished with praise during their tour with NAPALM DEATH and DYING FETUS. IN THE BURIAL have only one objective in mind, to conquer foreign lands and promote their stellar first album, “Born of Suffering”! The album is set to be unleashed upon the masses on the 29th of October digitally and on cd in Australia and here in Canada. Watch for it!

Take a peak at the video for “Born of Suffering” here:

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