Gentlemen Callers – An Introduction to Metaphysics

Gentlemen Callers

Gentlemen Callers may be “sworn enemies of fun time rock & roll” but they certainly know how to revel in their moping.

An Introduction to Metaphysics is about as classy as it gets when it comes to début EPs, with an impressive attention to detail that gets the best out of the lo-fi production. The songwriting is remarkably accomplished, with a rough-around-the-edges feel that all good punk rock should have, and the band show enough variety in their approach to prove they’re no one-trick ponies.

“Capricorn and Capricorn” is arguably the best song on this short release, perfectly blending elements of post-punk, indie and rock ‘n roll. The atmosphere is also top-notch: dark and enveloping without being suffocating or overpowering. “Don’t Trust Boys” is the other definite standout, with lyrics encouraging the listener to distrust anything and everyone they can think of.

Accompanying the EP is a digital booklet containing artwork and lyrics that only adds to the impressiveness of the release, in the sense of the band having a strong DIY aesthetic and possessing an obvious passion and motivation for their art. The (mostly) hand-drawn artwork is particularly effective, although God only knows what they’re trying to convey through it.

With only four tracks and just under 15 minutes of music, An Introduction to Metaphysics is little more than the first chapter in what will hopefully become an engrossing novel (this is the first in what is due to be a trilogy of conceptual EP releases). While it may not be much to go on, it’s one hell of an introduction and I, for one, will be eagerly anticipating chapter two.



  1. Capricorn and Capricorn
  2. Road to Damascus
  3. Boxing
  4. Don’t Trust Boys

You can download the album for free or by making a contribution on Bandcamp.



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