Primitive Man – Scorn


Like the grotesque perversions of Dr. Heiter in “The Human Centipede”, sometimes experimentation can go too far. Denver, Colorado’s newest sludge/doom outfit, “Primitive Man”, have proven this without a doubt. The band unleashed their debut album, “Scorn”, on February 2, 2013 and is boasting rave reviews. Frankly, I can’t figure out why.  Primitive Man’s debut features crude and “kvlter than thou” cover art, in dismal, sepia tones.  At first glance, “Scorn”, looks like a promising debut.  Unfortunately, the overuse of feedback ruined this one for me.  Tracks like “I Can’t Forget”, hint at ambiance, but are really just feedback corrupted drivel, lacking the ever important emotion and fervor so crucial in the creation of true atmosphere.

One cannot argue that this album is heavy; really heavy, but for what Primitive Man has brought to table in heaviness, they have hugely sacrificed in capturing the melodies that leave listeners hooked, leaving this release sounding lethargic and a bit cumbersome.  The sampling on this release is a weak attempt at invoking the eerie aura of the late 70’s experimental noise of bands like “Throbbing Gristle” and is a little unoriginal.   This albums’ only true strengths lie in its vocals, which are intense and sickening growls, delivered with extreme passion by the band’s vocalist known as “ELM”.  I also rather enjoyed some of the faster “grindy-er” parts in songs like “Scorn” and “Stretched Thin”.  Truthfully, the grindcore portions of this album were my only saving grace in getting through this release.

Overall this release was a let down, riddled with so much feedback it bordered on being un-listenable.  I will mention that I am very picky about funeral doom.  If Sunn O))) is among your favorite bands, you might enjoy this release, despite it being less creative than anything Sunn O))) has released.  However, if you are an average metal-head, not interested in “developing an ear” for slow, repetitive and slightly grating riffs, I’d say Scorn is not the album for you.   Scorn is simply a difficult listen and certainly not something I’d willingly revisit.


1. Scorn
2. Rags
3. I Can’t Forget
4. Antietam
5. Black Smoke
6. Stretched Thin
7. Astral Sleep

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