Darkc3ll – Dark Verses

dark verses

A new age in horror inspired hard rock gives life to Darkc3ll’s brand of high energy, high groove ‘Dark Verses’. Okay, these guys are young onto the scene but they have a wealth of experience under their belts (the band’s youngest member is 25), no doubt, but what Darkc3ll presents to a wider audience is a Rob Zombie/Murderdolls-esque horror themed, metal tinged soundscape without disappointment. It’s hard to imagine a band stepping so ungracefully into the likes of Rob Zombie and pulling it off whilst simultaneously tugging on the nostalgic heartstrings of listeners. It’s new age, it’s fun, high octane, high energy and more importantly, incredibly-fucking-catchy! There’s something for the new crowd and something for the old crowd, the message is simple, let these horrific anthems take a hold of the darker parts in your mind.

It’s funny, that people have such a morbid enjoyment for darker, sinister more ‘evil’ lyrical content. But that doesn’t change the fact that this little recipe of Australia’s own Darkc3ll works down to the finest detail. Even the fact that this is indeed the band’s debut on the international level, they sound polished, rehearsed and manage to meld together in the best way a band so new to the scene could be. There are a couple of issues that surface from here to there, namely in a repetition of ideas where in places the themes are either too much or simply recycled. Other moments include a tendency to lose focus on a simple matter of timing, but these are merely kinks to be worked out as the boys career continues, and continues to grow.

Take the album opener and the album’s name sake, “Dark Verses”. The track itself sets the tone for the entity of the record. Audio excerpts followed by hook after hook, this new age thinking doesn’t defer far from the usual formula of a workable and memorable record. It’s up tempo, grooving and ultimately, enjoyable. Overall it’s a wonder that this little Australian horror metal band is not at all more talked about, but give it time. With a sound made to sit the line between mainstream and underground relying on the horror contextually, Darkc3ll is making waves and will continue to build steam. As a whole this forty minute groove session chock full of some of the catchiest and equally dark lyricism to be shown by an emerging act there’s a lot to be looking forward to it. Keep an eye out for this young act, for they will be coming to get you in the coming years.



1. Dark Verses

2. Freakenstein

3. Death Of Rock’n’Roll

4. Exorcist

5. Six Hundred & Six Six

6. Suicide Death Ride

7. Bang!

8. Rest When I’m Dead

9. The One I Fear


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