Perpetual End – Blood Complex



Despite a conflicting band name, Perpetual End give us an excellent show on Blood Complex


It’s a well established fact that you are not a progressive metal band, or indeed a progressive band at all, until you have released some kind of concept album. A side effect of this is that concept albums can be found a dime a dozen. Perpetual End have joined this coven of bands by releasing their work  ‘Blood Complex’ and they hope to break the mould and join the high circle of bands whose concept albums have left marks upon history.

When it comes down to the concept, Perpetual End appear to have not taken any risks, and Blood Complex looks like a case of safe story telling. There are no multi-arc story lines here, only the simple tale of a world in the not too distant future where over population has crippled the earth. A man called the Raven has come to power and is forcibly sterilizing the population in order to prevent them from having children. The story revolves around an illegal child and his hunt for the girl whose voice kept him sane whilst he was forced to live in the basement.

The band pull this off with a good level of ability. The vocalist switches from singing to both screaming and growling with ease and he manages to pull off all these styles without any glaring flaws in his sound. In order to differentiate the characters in the story, each of them has a different sound. The Raven’s voice is harsh like its namesake, while the boy’s voice is much softer.

But where this album truly stands out, is the musicians. All the instruments pull together to form a mighty rope which pulls the listener along and proceeds to beat them to death several times over. There is a vast array of musical influence to be found here, ‘Worms in the Night’ has a few Eastern influences mixed along its guitar work. At times the music seems to be almost thrash like in its aggressiveness, and at other times it is a lot lighter, with more focus on the keyboards and the bass.

As the album proceeds along, you can tell that the band have worked hard to get the music and lyrics to work together perfectly. As the revolution grows, the music sounds less bleak and more positive. The keyboard flares and the drums pound as the city burns to the ground. And drums are done exceptionally well here, they are both aggressive and yet constructive at the same time, providing a good base for all the other music to stand upon. Then other big player are the guitars, which shred, grind and play very well.

Perpetual End might sound aggressive, but there is a lot of soul mixed in amongst those powerful guitars and drums. The bassist does some excellent lines, and really forces himself into the scene at several parts of the album. The keyboardist also joins in, with both classic and modern influences in his sound. These two, often disregarded features, help to provide another level to Perpetual End, giving them a distinct edge over the opposition. The only problem is that they do not come to the fore more often,and occasionally they get muddled in amongst the rest of the sound.

In the Perpetual End, the album showcases a better concept than what originally meets the eye. This is a story about an unintentional hero who accidentally causes a revolution by his search for the girl who lived next door. This story also reflects upon the band in question, as although they appear a rather uncomplicated progressive metal band, there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. Perpetual End are a band that are deserving of your time and money, you might be surprised about what awaits you at the end.

Viva La Resistance!



1. Worms in the Night 02:40
2. Blood Complex 05:25
3. Survival 06:54
4. A Perfect Storm 04:44
5. I’m On Fire 04:50
6. Find Your Way Back 06:11
7. Bird Of Prey 04:19
8. Earth and Soil 04:56

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2 Comments on Perpetual End – Blood Complex

  1. Nice review man, quality album, I get lost in the concept from time to time, but overall it works well for the release.


  2. I used the band’s bandcamp page to read the lyrics, makes the whole album flow much easier.


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