Tunes For Tuesday: Benny Freestyles – Intuition (2013)


The artist Benny Freestyles is a hip hop rapper hailing from Rhode Island, USA. As with all others in his genre the lyrics to his songs are not particularly cryptic nor do they carry any fascinating existential meaning. Unlike metal, rock or those experimental pieces, hip hop and rap albums rarely carry any metaphorical messages. I must admit that Rage Against The Machine weren’t exactly subtle when they told the government to go f*@k themselves, nor were Green Day particularly subdued in calling the entire American society idiots. However, there’s generally something behind the rage and screaming should you take a moment to listen. Benny Freestyles’ ‘Intuition’ isn’t as allegorical but it is as meaningful.

‘Intuition’ is the second track off his latest album Different Kind Of High (released August 2013). Expertly mixed and mastered by Thomas Prime, this laid back tune prepares you for a lesson in life. Freestyle’s smooth voice is well placed over the carefully positioned beats and synths reminding me of an old-school Mos Def. As an alternative rock and pop punk fan I often find rap rather difficult to follow, but Benny Freestyles’ fluid and full annunciation of each word made for an intriguing listen.

He begins the tune by stating that intuition is a “feeling that you already trust and without it you won’t go nowhere.” He also mentions that “everyone is running around in a rush and no-one cares.” In those two lines he has set the scene for a message of self-empowerment and self-reliance – a lesson we are all trying to teach the younger generation of today. The song continues to discuss the importance of listening to your instincts and following them to achieve your aspirations because no-one will help you get there. Furthermore, no-one really cares if you do.

Different Kind Of High is not an album I would download, but that is due to a personal musical taste. However, ‘Intuition’ is a song I would recommend to others for the message alone. We live in an immoral society filled with insecurity and a need for external acceptance. The more artists sharing messages of empowerment and self-belief, the better off our society is. Benny Freestyles has my vote.


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