Tunes For Tuesday: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Nightwater Girlfriend

boris yeltsinSomeone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin is not a sympathy campaign for a former Russian politician but rather an indie rock band from Springfield, Missouri.  Now I’m not one to judge whether or not the memory of Boris Yeltsin needs a cuddle and confirmation of love, but if it does these gentleman will surely provide a fitting serenade.

Regarding the formation of the band, they moved steadily from some men who met at a football match to a band touring the world with the likes of Tokyo Police Club. ‘Nightwater Girlfriend’ is the first single off their latest release Fly By Wire and is, in my opinion, potentially the best on the album.  It speaks of romance and all related aspects – the mystery, the sensitivity, the intoxicating toxicity of emotion.  Alright, it’s actually a song about being friendzoned but that’s a form of romance isn’t it?

Unlike the majority of tracks on Fly By Wire, this tune has a heavy bass presence indicating strong emotion on the behalf of the singer. Combined with a chorus stating he doesn’t want her to turn her power on him, one could say the bass is a simmering primal instinct.  We know this is a ‘friendzone’ song because the vocalist asks this delicious lady about her boyfriend and her father’s approval of said boyfriend – an obvious sign of a ‘bestie’ if she responds. You truly feel for our vocalist when he admits to loving his ‘nightwater girlfriend’ because of the true longing heard in his voice.  It’s a confusing moment because he both yearns for her affection but desperately wants her to stay away at the same time.

The friendzone is a very new repackaging of a very old phenomenon.  There have been songs here and there about this, but nothing as emotional as ‘Nightwater Girlfriend.’ Whoever this girl is, I hope she realises what pain she is putting her friend through and either gets with him or drops him.  Either way, it will be much kinder than the agony of this ironically upbeat, catchy tune.


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