Goregast- Covered In Skin


I’m always appreciative when bands not only write creative hooks and spellbinding original melodies, but also remain steadfast in their adherence to unspoken principles on what is deemed as heavy.  Too much experimentation can quickly become redundant and metal fans often find themselves reverting to the classic sounds they initially fell in love with.   Germany’s death/grind quintet, Goregast, are preparing to release an EP that is a grotesque and utterly genius embodiment of classic death metal.  The EP, entitled  “Covered in Skin”, is to be released on September 27, 2013, and it’s familiar sound will offer solace to the old school metal-head.

The first track, “Covered in Skin”, hooks listeners in immediately with an epic build-up that slowly launches into a riff that will kick your ass.  This is kind of metal that induces involuntary headbanging and summons you into the pit.  The vocals are gargled growls delivered with extreme fervor and the blast beating will raise your blood pressure.  The second track, “Mindcreeper”, was equally impressive, with a maelstrom of melodies beautifully coalescing into a more than palatable sound.  The most impressive element on this EP is the quality of the song writing.  While their sound is not necessarily the most innovative or original, the “catchiness” and memorability of these tracks is what makes it so appealing.  The song structure is brilliant, regardless of the simplicity of the riffs. This an EP worth several listens.

For the Goregast fans amongst you, this EP does not stray too far from the sound you’ve grown to appreciate, but rather Covered in Skin is the foreseeable  progression and next chapter in Goregast’s fruitful beginnings.  For those of you listening for the first time; if you are a fan of classic Obituary,  Jungle Rot or Bloodbath and you crave melody, anthem-ic breaks, groove and good writing with no frills, Goregast is a band to familiarize yourself with immediately.  The circle pit awaits!  Tear it up with Goregast!


1. Covered in Skin
2. Mindcreeper


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