Tunes For Tuesday: Tape Deck Mountain – Always Lies

tape deck mountain

I have never been a fan of songs that begin with the screechy tuning of a guitar.  This may be attributed to me listening to all music with my in-ear headphones at a deafening volume.  Oddly enough, some of my favorite songs begin in this very way with me cringing at the sound.  Today, I am happy to add Tape Deck Mountain’s ‘Always Lie’ to that collection.

Tape Deck Mountain are a psychedelic rock band from San Diego, California.  They have been sharing their Pink Floyd-esque sound with the world since 2009 recording several short EPs.  Sway is their first full album with ‘Always Lie’ being the featured track.

Unlike their previous release Slow Salvation that had a more focused and abrupt presentation, Sway is mellow with a heavy fog of ‘fuzziness.’  The tracks on this album are as meaningful as on Slow Salvation but seem more powerful due to the overwhelming loops and lagging drum beats.

‘Always Lie’ is a song about the deceit of life.  It is about the dishonesty that we must become accustomed to if we are to survive life.  There are minimal vocals in this song, but the verses that are present seem to be swallowed by a bass and keys combination.  What follows is a continuous guitar loop entwined with the phrase “always lie.”

Generally, I am not a fan of psychedelic rock.  However, the profound emotion within this unfocused song is intriguing.  I’m not saying ‘Always Lie’ will convert me, but it’s made me reconsider pulling out that album about a mouse named Gerald.



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