Seeker – Unloved.

As time has gone on, I’d been starting to think death metal would have nothing exciting to offer when it came to new bands. But this all changed two weeks ago when I first discovered  Seeker; a four-piece who clearly have endless amounts of energy and anger that will never stop as long as they have instruments and a microphone in front of them.

Their album Unloved does not waste any time in launching a full scale assault on its listeners’ ears. After a small amount of feedback, which almost seems like a warning for the destruction coming up, they explode into action quick sticks. From the first track, Alone, demonstrating vocalist Bryce Lucien’s anger straight up, there is no easing up or watering down of the genre throughout the whole album. Infused with purely evil riffs (particularly that of the title track Unloved), and breakdowns that will register a reading on the metaphorical rictor scale, this brutal and relentless recording from these ball-tearing musicians is fairly straight-forward, without a great deal of surprises, but the album is still incredibly listenable and does not get boring at any stage.

Seeker are a relatively new death metal band hailing from the American state of Texas. These guys are certainly here to chew you up and spit you out with their unforgiving, destructive music. The band consists of raw gut-wrenching screaming talent from Bryce Lucien, brutal spine-chilling riffs from guitarist Justin Edgerton, earth-moving bass from Chris Keasler and obliterating drums bashed out by Dustin Weaver. These boys are going to to be on a path of destruction with upcoming tours that will leave their audiences bruised and battered, with their jaws on the floor.

Unloved, released on the 29th of October 2013, is the first full-length album from the band, following their E.P. released in 2012. The album certainly does not take a step back when coming forward. From the moment the album storms into your earholes, the only break from the brutality is the short gap between tracks.  Although the band falls under the umbrella of death metal there are definite prominent signs of math throughout the album. Unloved is everything you would hope to expect from from a death metal band’s first produced album.


1. Alone

2. Pale Death

3. Unloved

4. Regret

5. Dominance

6. She

7. When Hope Fails

8. Salvation

9. There Is Nothing

10. Escape

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