The End – You Made The Rain Dissappear

the end you made the rain disappear

A common question in the world of black metal is, what makes a great black metal album? Atmosphere? Dark lyrics? Recording quality?  There are so many answers, but The End have produced an album worth listening to for any black metal fan and who knew that the newest form of black metal would come from humble India?

The End is a one-man, ambient, post black metal project, started by multi instrumentalist Svartblod, and has recently released the first demo You Made The Rain Disappear.

This four track demo sounds very much like it could be the soundtrack to Silent Hill, The Ring or any other frightening film. It has atmosphere to bring up the hairs on the back of your neck, and the black metal parts have a special edge that makes it stand out from anything else you hear.

”Lost Memories” is the opening track, and as soon as it begins you’re excited to hear the rest. It starts with a deep and dark atmosphere, accompanied by simplistic, fast-paced drumming, but soon enough it changes to pure ambience, very close to the music of Ulver. Svartblod obviously knows how to give a certain vibe to his music; it’s as if he creates three songs, and mixes them together into one track. ”Lost Memories” shows how well he can work on his own. The End is an ambient version of Burzum, without all the offensiveness.

The remaining three tracks on the album each feature guest vocalists.The first, ”Shallow Hearts, Empty Streets” features Tenebra . This track starts off ambient, then breaks in with fast blast beats against distorted guitars. It is still ambient and very dark, but slowly stops and evolves into a more gentle song. At this point you start to feel Tenebra’s input in the song, though she is barely there, but you cannot get used to the ambience for long – Tenebra’s aggressive vocals soon kick in against fast cymbal hits and distorted guitars. What makes this album so good is that Svartblod can create so much music, and fit it all into one song. It’s as if you are listening to an extremely dark musical of some sort.

”Expectations” featuring Isabelle Garcet opens up gently, but you’re hit with Svartblod’s black metal talents quickly. The earliest half the song is extremely gentle, though there is a heavy blackened grindcore feel in some parts which slowly blends into a sampling track, then, yet again, Svartblod surprises the listener with heavy beats and added synth. Though this track is okay in its own right, it is extremely disappointing compared to the previous two. Isabelle Garcet’s apparent appearance is barely noticeable, unlike Tenebra’s in the previous. Expectations, as in the title, are low.

”Ashes In The Wind” featuring Uruksoth L is the final track on the album. Again starting off very gently for a minute, it takes you by complete surprise when you are hit with full-force blackened grindcore! The final track feels more special than any other but it’s hard to tell why; it’s calm, but exciting and different in so many ways. The final track has less anger than the rest, but that’s why it’s the perfect song to close the E.P. The harsh vocals later in the track really give it the raw edge that it needed from the start.

Svartblod knows what he is doing when he is creating music like this, and knows how to do it well. He is a man on a musical journey and should not be disturbed.

This is a weak E.P because only the first and last songs have something great within the songs but the others just feel tired and over done. Svartblod is a great instrumentalist and you can tell he is talented but he could of done alot better on this E.P if he had more songs like ”Shallow Hearts, Empty Streets” and ”Ashes In The Wind”. It will be great to see what else he has in store for the future.


1.Lost Memories

2.Shallow Hearts, Empty Streets feat. Tenebra

3.Expectations feat. Isabelle Garcet

4.Ashes In The Wind feat. Uruksoth L

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