Live Review: Heart Of A Coward/The Charm The Fury/Malevolence. Rock City, Nottingham 20/11/2013


It’s the penultimate date of Heart Of A Coward’s UK tour tonight at Rock City, Nottingham UK with support from The Charm The Fury and Malevolence.

Waiting outside the venue it seems as if the crowd have completely split into two different audiences; the ones here for Malevolence, and the ones here for Heart Of A Coward. The Malevolence fans wear beanies, Desolated Hoodies and Malevolence shirts whilst the others just wear normal gig attire. But from the many voices within the queue, no one seems to mention The Charm The Fury, which leads to questioning the running order of the bands.

Malevolence begin their set 10 minutes later than stated, but the crowd has already warmed up, with spin kicks and flailing arms already making their rounds in the mosh pit as soon as vocalist Alex Taylor starts shouting lyrics from their latest album, ”Reign Of Suffering”.  The audience is either two-stepping and tearing the Rock City basement apart, or jumping on top of each other at the chance of duetting with the vocalist in parts of each track. The boys play favourites like ”Serpent’s Chokehold”, ”Eternal Torment” and ”Condemned to Misery”. The band is full of energy – bassist and rhythm guitarists Wilkie and Josh are jumping all around the stage, whilst Konan brings out face-melting solos. These lads from Sheffield are a band to really watch out for in the UK scene. Releasing a number one album with their debut and already having a huge following, you can expect them to become one of your favourite bands in the years to come. If you have not listened to the album then please do so, it is the album of 2013.

After a twenty minute wait, The Charm The Fury enter the stage with heckles from the crowd due to them having a female vocalist. People shout “Get your tits out” and “Get off the stage!”, but they certainly prove them wrong! Vocalist Caroline Westendorp lets out eardrum-ripping screams accompanied by melodic metal guitars and fast drumming. The band plays songs old and new, and certainly entertain the once displeased crowd. The mosh pits themselves are entertaining enough, with a mix of hardcore dancers, push pitters and someone deciding to do the running man, it is a really entertaining set from the Dutch group.

The Charm The Fury play songs such as ”Virtue of Leadership”, ”A Shade Of My Former Self” and ”Carte Blanche”, showing that Amsterdam is a lot more than smoking the green and wild nightclubs: it can bring out amazing metalcore bands.

The headline band, Heart Of A Coward, finally come on stage an hour later to an impatient but extremely excited crowd. As soon as lead vocalist Jamie Graham stands on the small stage, the whole crowd is going mental.

Heart Of A Coward open up with “Monstro” leading onto ”Prey” and ”Mirrors” all from the new album Severance, but the real crowd pleaser is ”Deadweight”. The audience are piling on top of each other to sing along with Jamie Graham, with the crowd repeatedly chanting ”I don’t give a fuck!”. The mosh pits are as violent as they can get, and guitars even heavier though the band have all been very ill  throughout the tour. The night is finished off with their original hit ”Around A Girl In 80 Days”, the audience screaming the angry lyrics so loud you can barely hear the band.

This tour has been one of the best this year, though the lineup could have been better with The Charm The Fury opening up instead of Malevolence, but either way, it was a hit of a night. All the bands on the lineup are worth checking out, and Malevolence are bound to be getting huge within the next two years if they carry on in their current route.

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