Netra Ft. We’rewolves – Dreading Consciousness


Often when one assumes too many variable the results are a spectacular mess. Trip-hop DJ Netra and hip hop duo We’rewolves present an interesting counterpoint to that argument with Dreading Consciousness.

Black metal and shoe-gaze influenced ambient electronica mixed with laid back west coast hip hop. It sounds like the word salad output of a schizophrenic digging through the more bizarre parts of my vinyl collection. In reality this sums up the new EP from DJ Netra. It’s a frighteningly soothing combination of beats and soundscapes that draws in the listener with each well-constructed layer of audio engineering. Equal elements of intangible sounds and the very fringe of the black metal void blend seamlessly throughout the EP. The beats have a steady backbone of electronica, but the moody, ethereal thread woven throughout lends an extra dimension of presence to the music.

So, what does Netra add vocally to this trippy and haunted mixture? Black metal screaming? Random audio clips? How about the smooth flow of an underground Cali rap due named We’rewolves? If the latter appeals to you, then this is going to be a treat. The wicked easy going and overtly perverse rhymes are presented by Hockeymask and Konsept. The three track EPs’ lyrical subject matter range from sex to self-harm and every dark deviant behavior in between. Reminiscent of early 90s style, the verse only structure is rather effective amidst the backdrop woven of disembodied beats and ambient song structure.

Three tracks providing a 16 minute journey through a twisted forest of dark creatures and hidden terrors. The tracks move along a similar path, but vary enough to make each a totally different experience. Enter the Void stands out as the most eclectic, branching equally out into the world of black metal and electronica (remember that screaming and the movie clip I mentioned earlier?) and is undeniably the most appealing track here for fans new to the genre. A warning though, this is not a readily accessible piece of music, the collaborators were not out to lure in the mainstream here. This is an excellent albeit brief piece of work. It may do well to foster some diversity into listeners’ musical ideals, and should appeal equally to hip hop, black metal and electronica fans.



1. Definition of Love

2. Whore

3. Enter the Void

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