Monster Magnet – Last Patrol

last patrol

Monster Magnet fall back on the band’s stronger sounds to make their latest opus an enjoyable, ‘back to dirty stoner rock’ music that blends so well. “Last Patrol” is a formidable testament to Monster Magnet’s continuing musical legacy, a legacy that will not be stopped short.

Anyone familiar with the stoner rock scene has at one point or another heard of Monster Magnet. Heralding the rites of the genre for the last twenty-plus years, Monster Magnet have proven themselves valuable to the genre’s shaping. “Last Patrol” continues that thought process and gives life to the old motto: “If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it.” But the fact remains, if it’s not broken, is there actually anything that sets this specific releases apart from the band’s previous efforts? Of course there is! Monster magnet bring back a certain psychedelic, gritty influence to their 2013 release focusing on the likes of Sabbath and Hawkwind rather than the likes of the Melvins. It sets Monster Magnet apart from the others, and in turn this separation is what saw the band rise, time and time again.

Last Patrol further defines the sublime output of this dark, grungy band but, it also shows a band at contrast within themselves, matching light with dark. It’s the dance of Monster Magnet’s overall moods that see tracks like ‘I Live Behind The Clouds’ take a stronger atmospheric stand point. Minimal tones, laced with simple lyricism sees the album open strongly. It’s not enough to simply “have ideas”, you actually need to be able to do something with them. In this instance, Monster Magnet have nailed it.

Overall, Last Patrol is a polarizing listen, not only does it reflect on the simplicity of the band’s music, but how it can remain relevant even after all these years. Last Patrol signifies a maturing, psychedelic release ensuring that Monster Magnet will stay at the for-front of the genre.



01. I Live Behind The Clouds
02. Last Patrol
03. Three King Fishers
04. Paradise
05. Hallelujah
06. Mindless Ones
07. The Duke
08. End Of Time
09. Stay Tuned

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