AMH Soundwave Survival Tips

The AMH network [ ] have posted a 101 on how to survive this years’ Soundwave festival. Not only does  the post hold a lot of basic information on how to have a great day at the event, most (if not all) of the pointers can be transposed to any international music festival. Here’s what they had to say:


Clothing Guide

It’s Soundwave, we know you want to impress that Oli Sykes lookalike in his sister’s jeans with his pencil thin exposed tattooed arms but the reality is that dude’s Hot Topic clad girlfriend is close by. Soundwave Festival MUST be about convenience and comfort. Far too many underage boobs have fallen out at Soundwave in the name of love. Girls, steer clear of low cut singlets (T-Shirts preferable) and guys, nobody wants to see you 3% body fat 6 pack so keep your gear on too! Dress comfortably because you don’t want to cart your chaffing thighs around at 11pm looking for your other Havana.

Timetable Preparation

Whilst putting your technical timetable together for the day at Soundwave, be sure to allocate half an hour or more for lunch/dinner. This may sound obvious to some but most punters will be spending approximately 10-12 hours at the festival. It is crucial to find the cheapest possible food stalls around (which can prove difficult) as they are often over-priced. If you are taking Soundwave seriously and require an optimal amount of energy to mosh for the day, you will want to focus on high-carbohydrate meals which will sustain you for the day – but not too big a meal to bloat and cause a stitch. So do yourself a favour, go grab a hot dog or burger and check out that ‘average’ band you don’t mind seeing from afar. RA


Now speaking of moshing, this is a fine art. You may have been waiting months, years or hell, even decades to see some particular bands on this line-up. Given the hectic timetable for the Soundwave festival, you might not have had ample time to get your prime position for said band. Here at the AMH Network, we advise you to abandon social norms of society (to some extent) and become selfish. Your parents may have taught you not to push and shove but this may be your opportunity to prove them wrong (but remember to be safe). RA

How To Get Front and Centre

The worst thing to do is to go from the back of the mosh pit through the centre. This will be very difficult for most, you will use up all of your energy before the band even comes on stage, and worst of all just piss people off (who may have been waiting in their spots for hours). The best way to handle this situation is to go into the pit from one of the sides, people tend to think nothing of this and it can be a much quicker and productive way of getting a good spot in the pit. Another hint is to be bold and run in the middle of a brutal circle pit when it is at its tamest – this is a really quick way of jumping several metres forward in a very quick time period. So don’t forget kids, abandon social norms – but don’t piss people off! Once you’re in the pit, don’t go too nuts in the first song, because if you’re unfit, you’ll have nothing left for the great songs towards the end! RA

Surviving Soundwave Without Food

This seems to contradict Ricky ‘potato cake’ Aarons a little bit.

Go to a festival and don’t buy any food? It might sound hard, but it shouldn’t be! Soundwave Festival is your pinnacle, you wait an entire year and troll AJ Maddah’s Twitter account to the extent that words like c*nt and f*c k slip out around your Grandma. You DO NOT want to be waiting around in food lines whilst your favourite bands are slaying the crowds and you’re stuck lining up for a soggy Chiko roll and a Coke without a lid. Here is what you do…. Take on the mindset of a professional footballer the day before and carb load like you’ve never done before. You’re going to eat pasta, you’re going to eat bread and when you can’t eat no more you’re going to eat more pasta. This isn’t the end though; your pre-Soundwave morning meal will be the most important. What’s mine you ask? Do you know that disgusting Subway store at the bottom end of Elizabeth St in Melbourne near Flinders St? I venture in; order the foot long meatball with extra meatballs, upsize a meal with 2 cookies and a large coke and that sees me through the day! GJ

Surviving The Sneaky Mosh Fart

I can only hope none of our readers have been guilty of the filthy most-pit eggy. There is nothing worse than standing around amongst thousands of sweaty, lynx fearing, shoulder hair blessed males when you get hit with the dreaded ‘Mosh Fart.’ You have nowhere to go, you’re trapped, all you can do is point your mouth to the sky and reach for fresh air. AMH advises that you call this disgusting human being out! Worst case scenario is you call out the wrong individual which will result in a funny couple of hours where the perpetrator continues on his gassy ways. GJ

Don’t Let Dehydration Ruin Your Vacation

This should be a formality, but people will continue to down beer after beer without topping up with the occasional bottle of Mount Franklin or the free water provided. Dehydration will not only ruin your day, but it will see that 4 hour half digested Chiko Roll all over some poor bastard’s brand new pair of Vans. GJ

Avoid Destroying Your New Merchandise

It’s one thing to pay $40.00 for a t-shirt that will shrink 3 sizes in the wash, it’s another thing to have that shirt pulled from pillar to post from 11am to 10pm at Soundwave Festival and arriving home to realise it will be joining the ‘oily rag’ draw. Leave your merchandise with the friend with asthma who can’t venture into the pit, or even better, cloak it and grab it later on in the night. GJ

While I’ve taken this from a well-versed web page, this slightly comical information will serve a true purpose. Read the original article here:

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