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Omnivore are jacks of all trades but the master of none.

Omnivores are, by nature, not very picky creatures. Being an omnivore means that you can survive the harshest environments due to your varied diet. Plant life destroyed by floods? That’s okay, you can eat meat. Animals migrate for the winter? That is also okay, you can survive off berries for a few months. Omnivore the band are a lot like this, and their début contains a rather large variety of musical influences.

In their record, they do their best to fuse together early thrash metal influences with death metal. They also have a few lighter parts to their work, creating an album which has many different bits which are brought together. However, this is not without its issues, and it is these which bring the album down.

Omnivores biggest issue, is that they have arrived to the party thirty years too late. The LP feels very much as though it belongs in the eighties. Especially when it comes to the two voice overs that can be found on the album. One at the beginning of ‘Dead’, and one at the beginning of ‘Hypochrist’. Both of these are probably the most clichéd vocals that I will hear this year. ‘Dead’ makes reference to the fact that the dead will walk the earth once hell is full, Hypochrist makes reference to the fact that hell is arriving because humans practise sodomy amongst other indecencies.

But what makes it worse is lack of commitment on behalf of the band. No one seems to want to pull the band into a coherent direction, and the end result is rather mixed. The guitars play thrash metal, the drums play death metal and the vocals edge towards black metal territory with the ‘hail Satan’ attitude that comes across. Whilst these three genres have several things in common, on this album they appear a little bit forced.

So is Omnivore a bad album? Far from it, rather it tries to cover all the bases possible and spreads itself just a little bit too thin for its own good. There are some parts which do come together very well. The drumming is quick paced and powerful and the production is pretty good too, so the album sounds a lot cleaner than the type of music that it is styled upon. The guitars also come through clean-cut and excellent, with some good solo work especially on the title track.

So then you have an early eighties thrash metal album with modern-day production. It might have been helped by actually toning it down so that the album feels a lot more gritty and dirty than it does at the moment. But the music is good and the tracks are catchy. Although you’d be hard pressed to pick one thing which stands out at you, nothing on this album is particularly bad either. In fact it all ends up rather omnivorous. How is it like this? Well the best way to describe this album is ‘middle of the road’. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t 2014’s newest metal classic.

Omnivore lacks focus in its work. Which is a terrible shame due to the fact that the album had plenty of potential. As far as débuts go, it is completely fine. You have good examples of what they wish to achieve, it’s just the fact that they are so spread out that it makes the album a little bit confused. On a side note, this album is less than a half hour in length (not included the Arise cover) so you would have expected them to be more focused on their work.

In conclusion, Omnivore suffers from being a little bit generic when it comes down to it. In an attempt to expand their horizons, they seem to cover far more bases than they need too. The end result isn’t an album that is full of variety, instead it is an album which feels totally generic. It has got some good parts too it, but not enough to make this any better than average.


1. Intro
2. Dead
3. Trust
4. I hope the war comes
5. Hypochrist
6. Nothing more than dust
7. Omnivore
8. Arise (Cover)

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1 Comment on Omnivore – Omnivore

  1. Pretty much sums up what I feel about the record. They could have done so much better with a little focus.


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