We’re Dead Inside with Jack Boaden

Recently I got the chance to speak one on one with Dead Inside guitarist Jack Boaden. We got to speak about the new EP, ‘Millions Dead’ and the near future of the Nottingham hardcore/beatdown act as well as the guitarist’s personal thoughts on this year’s music.

millions dead dead inside1. Things are pretty busy at the Dead Inside camp, you guys have just released a fresh slab of UK beatdown. What’s next for you guys, a full-length, tours or maybe a small break?

I like to keep busy – we’re currently writing three tracks for a split that’s coming out mid-2014 with our European friends in 0181 Beatdown and Grimsby-based beatdown band Crowd Control. I’m also in the middle of booking a two week tour around the UK for July/August time as well. It’s coming together really well and with social media sites like Facebook it’s been easier than I anticipated to find promoters in areas where I don’t know anyone. Hopefully it’ll be all sorted soon!

2. ‘Millions Dead’ sounded quite industrial, not in a way where it could be tagged in a genre but rather in its production. Was this planned and how was the whole recording process?

The ‘industrial’ production you’re referring to is really the deathcore influences shining through. On our older stuff – back when we were a straight up hardcore band with loads of 2-steps and stuff – I opted for more of a raw production style. We had a couple of line up changes and Daniel (vocals) came in, who showed me a bunch of cool deathcore bands. I also really like the obZen record too by Meshuggah (I can never spell it!), and I think the production’s great on that so I guess we were trying to mimic that to a certain degree.

The recording process was cool. James (The Cartographer) recorded us and he really helped me with a lot of the songs – he’d offer suggestions, help me write new bits, convince me to take the crappy bits out or whatever, and I can’t thank him enough. Though we had to push the release date back a couple of times I really think it’s been worth the wait, and a lot of people I’ve asked would agree with me too!

3. You guys have been playing more and more shows lately, have there been any standouts, any new experiences that help make being on the road worth it?

Yeah, absolutely. We got to support Astroid Boys early February at one of the biggest venues in the city which was bloody wicked. Even though we were only opening, everyone was going mental and wrecking havoc in the pit which was fun to watch. On the penultimate date of our second tour in February too, in Leeds a fight broke out during our set and that was funny to watch too. *evil laugh*

4. 2014 has just started; do you have any personal albums from the year that have made an impression? Highlights, disappointments, or maybe something you’re anticipating?

They’re a completely different genre but The Hotelier’s new record ‘Home, Like Noplace Is There’ completely floored me the first time I heard it, it’s such an emotional and cohesive piece of emo that I’d definitely recommend you all to check it out. The new Thee Silver Mt. Zion album was great too. I forget what it’s called but I listen to it a fair bit. Before our forget, our friends in Crowd Control released a new EP and it’s heavy as shit! They recorded with the guitarist of Demoraliser and it sounds so so good. Oh, and I’m absolutely buzzing for the new Trophy Scars album. They’ve pushed the release date back and back but I’m confident it’ll be worth the wait, everything they’ve released has been pure gold.

5. I’ve noticed your local scene is essentially brimming with talent, is there any acts you’d like to do a split record with or have someone feature on a new track?

Yeah man, our friends in Betray Your King (Derby) are really awesome, really glad to see them getting on bigger and bigger shows. Same for The Great White from Notts as well. They’re not really local but I’d really like to get the dude from Black Tongue on a track in the future, his vocals are fucking evil. Luke from Acrania would sound sick as well! And most definitely Stu Hughes from No Second Chance, great band.


It was a pleasure to have some one on one time with an underground act based in the UK. Jack was welcoming with his answers and was happy to expand on ideas, while throwing his own personal beliefs out there. If you haven’t already be sure to pick up the band’s new EP, ‘Millions Dead’ via the group’s Bandcamp page:


On Facebook:

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