Lacerated Enemy Records Signs Infecting The Swarm

Lacerated Enemy Records will be unleashing the latest epic in brutality by Infecting The Swarm from Germany. Playing hyperfast blast-ridden and visceral Brutal Death Metal, Infecting The Swarm compete against the likes of Disgorge, Guttural Secrete and Suffocation, taking the music forward without compromising on the extremity in any possible way.

‘Pathogenesis’ will contain nine tracks of sci-fi-themed brutality and has designed the artwork conveying the same. This is a welcome relief from the excessively gory and violent misogynist themes prevalent in this style but Infecting The Swarm believe in portraying the brutality via its music.

Infecting The Swarm comments:
“I am extremely proud to announce that Infecting The Swarm has signed a multi-album deal with the veteran Death Metal label Lacerated Enemy Records. The first album ‘Pathogenesis’ will be released on 5/5/2014 as CD, Limited Digipack and Digital version. On a personal note I want to add that I am beyond honoured to be on LER, so far working with this label has been nothing but a pleasure and extremely professional. I can’t wait to work with LER for the next albums too!”

Artwork of ‘Pathogenesis’ –

Inline image 1

Lacerated Enemy Records –
LER Bandcamp –
LER Facebook –

Infecting The Swarm –
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