Kaotoxin Records to Release Monsters! (Six of a Kind)

Kaotoxin Records to Release Monsters! (Six of a Kind) 
Six-Band Grindcore Split April 15

French extremists Kaotoxin Records will release a six band grindcore split entitled Monsters! (Six of a Kind) on April 15.

Featuring tracks from TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION, C.O.A.G., MISERABLE FAILURE, UNSU, and INFECTED SOCIETY, the team effort offers a cornucopia of grindcore madness sure to melt faces! The limited edition  – 1,000 copies with no repress – Deluxe DigiSleeve CD was mastered by Dan O’Hare (BRUTAL TRUTH, XXX MANIAK) and also includes bonus music videos from TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, INFECTED SOCIETY, and UNSU.

The Metal and Jazz influences of TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION; Mathcore of DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION; the Black Metal influenced C.O.A.G; the pure hate, scorn and disgust of MISERABLE FAILURE; Groove and Northern Grind of UNSU; and the Metal and Hardcore infused INFECTED SOCIETY, it’s all here!

Check out the Monsters! (Six of a Kind) trailer at this location.

1. Monsters

2. Is your love a rainbow?

3. Blinded (Nasum cover)

4. Intergalactic twitch

5. Brownian motion

6. Stretching Uranus

7. Reaching Hubble on a unicorn

8. Rendez-vous on the constellation of Adrienne

9. Take a walk on the grind star

10. Back on the earth

11. (intro)

12. We mean fucking war

13. Insomnias

14. Grind of war

15. Por los siglos de los siglos

16. Precious murder

17. Puking massacre

18. Martyr

19. Nothing more

20. The croft

21. Save the planet, kill yourself (’14)

22. Human cancer

23. Lies, incorporated

Tracks 1-3 by Total Fucking Destruction

Tracks 4-10 by Department of Correction

Tracks 11-14 by C.O.A.G

Tracks 15-19 by Miserable Failure

Tracks 20-21 by Unsu

Tracks 22-23 by Infected Society

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