8 Foot Sativa Tour Announced with Frankenbok

8 foot sativa frankenbok

New Zealand’s undisputed kings of metal are back with an album that will shake the listener by the throat so damn hard it will redefine brutality. With the band reuniting with original vocalist Justin “Jackhammer” Niessen and original bass player Brent Fox, Sativa guitarist and mastermind Gary Smith has patiently waited for the stars to align. Now, along with new guitarist Nik Davies and drummer Corey Friedlander, the line-up could not be any more devastating.

With an enviable reputation as New Zealand’s most  ferocious live act, 8 Foot Sativa have channelled this  fury to create “The Shadow Masters” the new 8 Foot  Sativa album that quite simply says “This is how Heavy  Metal is done!”.

Produced by world renowned sound guru Clint Murphy at Quicksand Studios in Christchurch, New Zealand, 8 Foot Sativa imported Clint from his base at Modern World Studios, UK to record “The Shadow Masters”. The results will definitely speak (roar) for themselves.

“The standard of Heavy Metal in New Zealand has just been raised” quotes Paul Martin of the Axe Attack.  “The level of intensity, maturity and the crushing monstrosity of the songs on this album will definitely blow people away. Yes, this is 8 Foot Sativa, but someone has released the demon that’s been threatening us all these years, the chains are off! There will be mercy for none. “The Shadow Masters” is the new god of vicious!

“The Shadow Masters” has been 8 years in the making. The beast that is 8 Foot Sativa returns to launch the band on their rightful path to the international metal stage, armed with an undeniable album fuelled by persistence, passion and power.


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