Summerland – Lucian The Wolfbearer


A warm reception for a cold EP, Lucian The Wolfbearer’s one-manned doom is sure to turn some heads over the course of the next few years.

Despite being a solitary, one track EP, Lucian The Wolfbearer’s ‘Summerland’ cements this underground act as a notable under the radar act. Summerland is a sedate offering, building into a track worthy of braking winter, dispersing the wolves from their winter fields, ready for the new season. As a whole, this single tracked EP is a minimal offering, allowing room for other ‘would-be’ tracks to build on some already solid foundations. It’s not a show boating release, but manages to highlight how some of the basics of the genre can wind, shift and culminate into Lucian The Wolfbearer’s forward thinking brand of cold doom.

If asked, sure I’d like some more music on this short EP, after all it is but one track, but to whether it diminishes the overall quality – – Not at all, Lucian The Wolfbearer convey a message within twelve minutes, it’s a message you should here.


Lucian The Wolfbearer is now a part of Senseless Life Records.

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