Haast’s Eagled – Haast’s Eagled

haastsUK based Haast’s Eagled plays a blend of traditional, force-fed sludge based doom. The sound is slow and proud.

It’s not often that a modern day doom group will take the somewhat simplistic tendencies of traditional metal and tie it in with a Sabbath-esque rhythmic crunch to create something that sets them apart from the host of bands waving a similar flag. It’s quite heartening to see that in 2014, bands can still pull on some influences and create something with their own individual twist. Despite all the simplicity, Haast’s Eagled’s self-titled debut marks all the comings of a veteran act. Solid tones, winding warm fuzz tied in with gritty, unpolished metal.

It’s a little unfair that Haast’s Eagled don’t exactly bring anything new to the table, but as far as the old motto goes; “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. This UK act defines that statement perfectly, giving life to their own debut album. As a reviewer, I always try to impart some message into my analysis. Sometimes it’s subtle, completely miss-able. Other times, it’s a s glaringly obvious as a hammer smashed face! This time it’s simple; some bands don’t have to stay underground or obscure. Jam the album, tell your mates, find a stranger and tie them to a chair in front of the album — you can see exactly where this is going…

Either way, Haast’s Eagled has created the debut album they needed to, epitomizing exactly what the genre should bring together in disc form (yes, I know a lot of you guys are digital now). Far from genre hopping, the self-titled release brings grudging, thick riffs, insatiable amounts of melody and a song awareness to bring it all together. Combine the aforementioned with a varying vocal effort that breaches the gap between harsh and melodically clean and Haast’s Eagled are a band more than worth you time.

The album’s overall feel can be measured in the second track, “The Eye Of God”. The track itself brings this short-ish recording together. All the prevalent tones, thick, mid-paced and solid make a stand for everything Haast’s Eagled is putting to their new listeners. Overall, this is something you should invest some time in.



Haast’s Eagled are signed to:

senselees life records

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