Kreator Interview by Rahul Menon

Australia has been blessed with one hell of an upcoming gig – Kreator and Death Angel. They are legends of the whole thrash metal scene, and it promises to be an absolutely amazing time. I got the opportunity to speak to the legendary Miland ‘Mille’ Petrozza from Kreator, to talk about their career and this upcoming tour.

Speaking to me from his home in Germany, Mille and Kreator have been taking some time off from tours, and are gearing up for another run of shows starting mid April. “Basically we are relaxing right now, we did a lot of touring, did a world tour in November – December. So after that everyone needed some rest. We played just 1 show in 2014, Hammerfest in the UK. Right now we are getting ready to tour Australia and few Asian countries too!”

“I love playing live man, that’s why we even started the band in the first place. I think it’s the most energetic thing to do. I mean, I love being in the studio and recording too, but being directly engaged with the fans that’s enjoy the music as much as we do, celebrating metal, there’s nothing better than that!”

As they were not playing any shows, I asked if any song writing was happening in the band, and about how the song writing process works at Kreator. “Well, I have half a song ready. [laughs] It is going to take a while. There will be a new album for sure, maybe in 2015. As far as the process goes, basically I do the demos at home for a little bit, then I go back and forth with that, get more ideas, lyrics and stuff. Then I go into the rehearsal room with the guys and then we start working on the arrangements. Everyone adds their parts to the music that I have written. It is really a band thing. It is half in my home studio work, and then the rest is at the rehearsal space with the band.”

Mille says that on the road, the band is a mix of both partying and just hanging out and enjoying themselves. “We do party sometimes when we don’t have to get up too early. But for a tour in Australia, we probably have to catch early fights and stuff. For us the most important thing is the shows, and that’s what we really focus on. But partying is not impossible, it does happen. We just did a tour with Overkill, and they are party dudes. Couple of nights, I think it was in Denver, we hung out in the tour bus till 4 in the morning. Blitz (vocals) had so many stories to tell. He is such a funny guy, you have to listen to him talking about stuff, so entertaining. Touring with Overkill was really a party man, the whole tour!”

Kreator have been in the business for over 30 years now, so I was asking Mille what it’s like hanging with the support bands, who were probably not even born from the time Kreator started! I asked Mille how does it feel to be in such a position. “[laughs] it really doesn’t feel like that! I always look into the future and and see whats left to achieve than what we have achieved in the past. We see ourselves as a band who’s best album is yet to come! We really appreciate the fact that we can participate in the scene after all theses years and still be a relevant band.”

And that participation is well deserved, the last 2 Kreator albums Hordes of Chaos (2009) and Phantom Antichrist (2012) are some of their best material. I asked Mille what is it about Kreator that drives to them to keep pushing themselves. “It’s just the music man, it really is. I am so excited about metal all the time. I love creating music that hasn’t been there before, that hasn’t been heard before! I think that is a creative gift, spirit of music. It is very exciting to be able to do that, it is something that you do for life. I can’t exactly put it in words. I don’t really see playing in a band as a job, I mean yeah, it does have difficult moments, but I love doing this!”

Kreator are super excited to return to Aussie shores and are particularly looking forward to touring with Death Angel as well. “We are feeling very good about this tour man. I think touring with Death Angel is going to be challenging, I mean, it is going to be hard to go on after them. They are a fucking great band, and we are good friends. The mentality of Australian people is great. When it comes to concerts and shows, they know how to party. They start mayhem and make the band feel really welcome. I love playing with bands that are great, playing with strong bands. It is better to play with a band like Death Angel who go on first than having a band go on first who’s making the audience bored. So yeah, after Death Angel we are going to get on, and everyone will go home with a lot of pain in their necks. Mosh pits yeah!”

Speaking about the setlist, Mille says it is going to be a great one. “It will be a best of setlist, basically focused on Phantom Antichrist of course. But an hour and a half of Kreator treatment, so you will hear all the hits from Endless Pain till the new album!”

Kreator have been active for over 30 years, have 13 albums under their belt. So whats next? “Next is just to write the new album, and do the whole thing again!”. This was when I realised that Kreator have probably done everything possible for a band. “Ah, we haven’t played in Mars yet! That’s not possible yet, but if it becomes possible, we want to be the first band to do that! [laughs] But yeah, it is true, we have done quite a lot, toured all over. It makes me very happy to know that we can pretty much go anywhere in the world and play a show.”

Comparing from the time Kreator started to the present day, I asked Mille what he thought about the present thrash metal scene. “Oh, I think it is more brutal than ever! We have all these new young bands that are really putting nice twists to the whole scene. This new generation of fresh metal kids are kicking our asses! It is the same with the concerts. You go to the younger bands concerts, it is pure chaos and mayhem. And for us after being around for so long, we have to be on top of things and be better at it all! I am a big fan of this band named Lost Society from Finland, they are really good!”

Coming to the business side of music, Mile feels that things are changing a lot, but getting better. “People are saying that the music industry is down and stuff, but I don’t necessarily think that it is going down, but, it is changing, it is different now a days. Different sources, different communication. The internet and digital is a lot more important. I don’t like when people keep saying downloading things is destroying music. People still buy music, but not just any shitty record. Why would they waste their money on that? If the record sucks, no one bothers. If it is a great record, they’ll even go for Vinyl. Vinyl’s back! Vinyl to me is where the whole beauty of the artwork is shown and it sounds great. I don’t think people should be complaining so much. You have to work for it, put out a great record. Doesn’t mean you put out an album and 100,000 people will buy it and you play just 3 live shows. You gotta go to places, go to Australia, play for the fans, be there for the fans and work your ass off. If you are not strong enough for it, then go get a job at a bank or something. This is just my opinion on this matter.”

Apart from music, Mille enjoys sports and movies too. “I’m doing triathlon! I do a lot of sports. I like to stay healthy. I go to movies a lot, I’m a big movie nerd, and I like reading books as well.”

With that we came to the end of the interview, and he left us Australian fans with the following message “We can’t wait to see all of you. Australia is always a highlight of our tours, and it is an honour to come and play for the people of Australia! I am really looking forward to this, it is going to be a great tour!”
– Rahul Menon
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