Tears of Regret – Tears of Regret



Tears of Regret’s debut eponymous EP is the first release by this band. Created in 2013 by friends in both Jordan and Iraq, the band like call themselves “atmospheric black metal, doom, ambient metal”. “Intro”, the opening track is a three-minute acoustic guitar driven song with the odd hint of percussion in the background. This opens up the album nicely with simple guitar rhythms to start off with, with percussion introduced halfway through, although the percussion is simple and not overpowering.

“Tears of Regret” is the only ‘real’ song on the entire EP. It has lots of double kick and metal things expected in this song. The vocals are a bit in the background so you can’t really hear them, whilst the overall sound of the EP is very ‘rough’ but I don’t like things too overproduced. Thrash metal is introduced halfway through The song itself is quite long  – 8:27 – so the band, on their first release, are challenging themselves. However, there is lots of space in this song, chopping and changing between thrash and groove, so the band try and vary things up a little.

“War In Sky” is the longest song the EP – 27:17. At first they use a lot of background effects but then slowly bring the drums and vocals in, constantly building and adding tension. I’m going to skip a little forwards and backwards here as 27 minutes is quite a long time to sit and listen to this. One thing I notice is that there’s no real heard lyrics it’s just noise and screams. To be honest, I really didn’t enjoy this song, maybe if they had split it into two parts instead of lumping an entire track into 27 minutes?

“Victory War” starts off with a lot of feedback and strings (I think) before the acoustic guitar comes in and carries on for a while. At about the 2:36 mark the drums comes in still with the acoustic guitar over the top. This feels like the ‘ballad’ of the EP to me, and I actually like this song. It has a good structure and although there aren’t clear lyrics, I still think it bodes well for this band.

“Transilvilnian hunger” (Darkthrone cover). Well, I only have the most recent Darkthrone release, so I have no idea of the original song and if its close to the original. I’ll probably go and find the original to see if its close or not.

“Outro” is much like the intro with the acoustic guitar being prominent throughout this tune and carries on in the same fashion. It’s a nice way to the end the album.

Overall: I think the EP is okay but I wouldn’t say that it’s great. This is definitely a starting point for the band and I would be interested to see what they release next.

RATING: 3 / 5 

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