Killer Be Killed – Killer Be Killed

Killer Be Killed - Killer Be Killed - ArtworkIt’s not everyday that a super group exceeds the expectations of each prolific act and creates something diverse and not quite like any of the members’ normal acts. Killer Be Killed is an amalgamation of sound, presenting a colossal combination of some of the genre’s finest moments. For those unlucky enough to be holed up in the back of some unreachable cave, Killer Be Killed’s line up is filled with heavy weights of the metal genre alongside ex-Mars Volta drummer, Dave Elitch. Most will be familiar with Max Cavalera who waves a metal flag for Soulfly (and yes formerly Sepultura), Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Troy Sanders from the likes of Mastodon. If you like vague metaphors and abstract imagery, think of Killer Be Killed’s debut as the three prongs on Poseidon’s spear (weird right? Well it’s about to make sense). You see having an abundance of musical talent so readily available, the vocal work is shared among not one, not two, but three members of this quartet. Sure, you could probably see it coming but who would of expected a combination like this to work so well together. Punk based rhythms meet pummeling grooves aided by the already shared vocal duties.

Early remarks from the industry and label left me skeptical. I already had my suspicions that I’d like the Killer Be Killed debut, but I didn’t really expect to be so swept up on the hype that was supported by the album’s first spin. Technically astute instrumentals backed by years in the industry, tasteful harsh and clean vocals providing contrast between tracks, on tracks and throughout the record. Killer Be Killed’s debut stands as a top contender for many “end of year” lists and brings together so many elements without conforming to a particular style. Killer Be Killed is full of highlights, with very little filler. Take the album opener for example; despite being one of the first dingles released off the upcoming record, “Wings of Feather And Wax” sets the tone for the record. Thrash-y grooves meet punchy vocal phrasing, it’s a track to highlight just what is to be expected, but it doesn’t quite show everything the album has to offer. It’s only with the rest of the record’s content that you fully recognize the brilliance of separate tracks. At just under forty-six minutes, there’s a lot of material here to digest; “I.E.D.” stands as the album’s defining track. It’s a big call, especially in an album full of hits. It showcases all three vocal efforts, cleans, screams and Cavalera’s typical gruff yell. The phrasing is even, making the track itself all the more catchy, memorable, standing slightly above the rest of the record. It goes to show that if you lock a bunch of talented veterans in a studio, they’re going to throw together some great ideas. It’s just that with Killer Be Killed’s debut, it’s actually chock full of great ideas.

Overall, the album shapes up to be a serious ‘album of the year’ contender. That’s not based on the fact that people will be name dropping The Dillinger Escape Plan, Soulfly, Mastodon or Mars Volta. It’s based on the fact that this particular brand of metal is done in a manner that is top shelf and accessible to most hard rock metal enthusiasts. Killer Be Killed have made something special with this release, bringing together such a range of sounds to create something great. This is not hype, it’s deserved.




01. Wings Of Feather And Wax
02. Face Down
03. Melting Of My Marrow
04. Snakes of Jehova
05. Curb Crusher
06. Save The Robots
07. Fire To Your Flag
08. I.E.D.
09. Dust Into Darkness
10. Twelve Labors
11. Forbidden Fire


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