Dead Inside – Millions Dead

dead inside millions dead

These boys want you to step left, step right and than drop your knee into someone’s face. ‘Millions Dead’ is a surge of slamming force, ready to launch this young act into the center of the UK beat-down scene. With a healthy mix of death and slow, half-stepped hardcore, Dead Inside are a modest bunch. It’s deathcore but not the usual, fast paced, squeaky clean, polished production deathcore watered down by the fact there’s too much focus on technical ‘wankery’, rather than the raw emotion that creates a need to slam your fist into a brick wall.

After a while, you’ll have to question where emotion in intensity meets making quality music. Deathcore itself isn’t exactly known as one of the most creative genres, often flagged for derivative and recycled patterns. Most fans know that they need something different, something more to keep their interest. Clocking in at just under fifteen minutes, ‘Millions Dead’ is a bash and dash hit of UK based underground death. It’s not going to please everyone, I’ve already covered the usual problems of the genre. It’s not innovative, that ship sailed long ago. If you want something straight, angry without any convolutions, Dead Inside has a Desolated meets Black Tongue sound but doesn’t completely resort to mimicry.

Take a look at the EP’s tracks. Short in nature and built off the same building blocks, Millions Dead showcases the fact that UK’s underground just wants to be heard. Overall the album presents a listen that’s solid enough but won’t turn too many heads internationally. It all depends on which direction they take as a group on the verge of something more.


dead inside band pic

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