Catapult The Dead – All Is Sorrow

catapult the dead


Catapult The Dead are the new sludge doom masters you’ve never heard of before. With a tendency for anguished soundscapes, Catapult The Dead are one more doom act worthy of colossal track times and droning masterpieces. All Is Sorrow is an amalgamation of post metal soundscapes, sludge-based riff fests and emotive pained shrieks. It’s not your normal piano and synthesizer filled doom composition, instead All Is Sorrow is filled with a mix of genres (post, sludge, funeral doom, psychedelia, 70s inspired rock), forming this particular monster of a record. Despite having a sound created by bringing together so many different sounds, Catapult The Dead is surprisingly straight forward in its own convoluted way. I don’t mean that to be a bad thing, think about it. With the record’s title track clocking in at a massive thirty-seven minutes there has to be some room for contrast, for development, for continuation. Take into the account that this track opens the album and there’s a speculation on whether the rest of the album will follow suit.

In actuality, the album’s smaller tracks are ‘All Is Sorrow’s’ chapters broken into smaller more digestible sections. If you’re not a fan of long track times you can take the album in smaller tracks, rather than one slab of misanthropic metal.

As for the above, the answer is a distinct yes, but not in the way most would think, nor appreciate. The band has already offered up one primal slab of metal at thirty-seven minutes, it doesn’t have to continue that way, nor does it need the same theme to be pushed and pulled apart until the message gets across to the listener. Instead the rest of the album is broken up into more accessible tracks, between three and nine minutes in length. For most, they’ll be apprehensive about an album starting with such a track, despite the length, the journey is more than worth it. The track itself opens a world of its own, filled with mysticism and anguish, “All Is Sorrow” speaks to its audience, slowly, reveling in a torn apart atmosphere.

Overall it’s a great shame that most fans of the genre won’t even give these guys a second glance. Catapult The Dead are brimming with talent, it’s lapping over the edge of the port glass, warming your arm as its sensation drips down. Take a moment to sit by the fire, turn the lights down and absorb this wave of sonic emotion.


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