Crib45 – Marching Through the Borderlines


We’ve heard it all before. Isis, Cult Of Luna and Neurosis each with a cult following to match their post metal empires. With for-runners in the lime light as these, chances are acts are going to emerge to stand  side by side with the praised groups. It’s hard to imagine what the genre would be like without these titans, personally, I’d like to think things wouldn’t be so different and groups like Crib45 would be waving the post metal flag.

Hailing from Finland, Crib45 aren’t exactly well-known throughout the metal industry. With a debut under their belt, and an EP (and now ‘Marching Through The Borderlines’), Crib45 are about to find a bigger stage to house the band’s growing post metal voice. Most will find that this group simply doesn’t conform to a singular sound, despite being a ‘post metal’ band, Marching Through The Borderlines dabbles in experimental electronics, sampling and even industrial soundscapes. The sound is harsh, confronting, almost suffocating to a point of anguish. It’s not everyday an act can meld such features together without losing the theme or create an unrivaled pretentiousness. It’s refreshing to hear an album so deep in context, that doesn’t lose its accessibility.

With a run time of an hour and fourteen minutes, this album by no means is short. With such an attention to detail, along with a long run time, Marching Through The Borderlines is a welcome display of post metal goodness. Some of the tracks are purely colossal, take a moment to find a highlight, the album is full of them. “Fading Hope” presents all the album’s nuances in the best of lights, allowing its darkened atmosphere to grow, swirl and move above and beyond. The sound is harsh and unapologetic, just as it was meant to be – – a perfect example of everything the album has to offer. Overall it shapes a band to continue making music. ‘Marching Through The Borderlines’ is not for everybody, post metal rarely is. Take it with a grain of salt, if you like any of the bands mentioned above this will be a sure hit.



1. Gathering The Storms
2. Catharsis
3. Waiting For Deliverance
4. Borderlines
5. Towards Perdition
6. Fading Hope
7. Into The Abyss
8. Clearing The Eye
9. Transcending

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